_sit ups??

Discussion in 'Officers' started by firefox3030, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody know what _sit ups are? Apparently these are different from normal sit ups.
  2. Inverted +sit ups.
  3. The top three threads in the Officers´ Forum today are about Physical Training. This is undignified and has no place here. Take your sweaty questions to the Health and Fitness forum and allow us to discuss such weighty issues as the wearing of brown shoes with lightweights and whether stilton should be sliced horizontally or vertically.
  4. Vertically as long as one doesn't take the entire nose, that's just incredibly selfish, and therefore bad manners.
  5. Thanks for that chaps. I apologise Jorrocks for being unaware of the health and fitness forum but rest assured that this will not happen again. This will therefore leave the forum free for more critical issues such as your cheese slicing.
  6. Is this a wah? Everyone knows it should be spooned.
  7. You have to a crab. Spoon a stilton and you just end up with a bloody horrible mess of destroyed cheese.
  8. whats wrong with a wooden stick a la toffy apple style?
  9. Jorrocks - you're clearly either from Yorkshire or you're a porridge wog - or maybe it's the whif of a penny pinching Israelite. A Stilton is scooped and who cares what happens to the remains. Would you serve left over cheese again and again - how utterly ghastly (you probably pour port over it too) - refresh your table with a new cheese at each sitting and scoop away.
  10. I plead guity as charged to stinginess, the first and second Mrs Jorrocks will both attest to this. However, port pouring is another abhorrant habit that you obviously practice - typical scooper behaviour. (Slicers can´t pour)
  11. Only ever witnessed it once - when the Micks were tearing up Chelsea Barracks. The offender was punished most cruelly. Gotta love the Irish!