9x9 Command Tent

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ging-gwar, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. I am in the market for a 9x9 Tent (for off road weekends nothing sordid) and are very familiar with the type used in the early 90s, a quick look around the internet looking for prices availabilty etc has revealed that there are some different types out there. I have seen ones sold as 'wolf' 9x9s (at the price of a semi detached house in Solihull)

    I can remember using them with 109s/88s/Airportables however when using them with 110/90s they were not quite tall enough - I remember having to dig holes for the back wheels to go into to bring the back of the Land rover into line with the flaps. I can only imagine that the 'Wolf' been even more highly sprung this had become an issue and a re-design was in order?

    Can anybody tell me the difference between these types and even point me in the right direction to purchase the right one?

    As stated im not an anorak just someone who is after a 9x9 to put at the back of my Range rover when away on greenlaning weekends drinking stella/eating scoff without worrying about it blowing away, ripping or any of the other problems with lightweight camping tents.
  2. nylon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! static elec.......... dems stores........... ka boom
  3. great............. can u just wait while said veh removes tent to crash out... great for clk of works.... if hes mot in a huurry........... and duznt mind the walk to task site
  4. Your spelling spelling hurts my eyes

    Edit to add

    Pricey Linky

    Should be the right size for a defender 110, however like said above, very heavy and bulky...and really wouldn't want to smoke near one
  5. appol for spelling..... fresh hit compo...... time to go..... mind on other things :soldier: