9th Company

Any one seen it? lots of ads for it on DVD for dads day, never heard of it until then.

Think of 'The Beast' meets FMJ.
Started watching it last night V good I thought and surprised at how good the quailty of the filming/special effects were. What also surprised mer was the fact that it covered the bullying side of the army and the "daddy"? system to an extent.
The only downside was the subtitles seem to be missing quite alot of dialogue out for some reason
Might have to wait for the dubbed wersion to come alonk.
I watched it Monday night and enjoyed it, although it did seem a bit like 'we were solidiers' towards the end ... the bit with the gun ships finishing off the enemy at the 'crucial' moment.

All in all an entertaining film.
Watched it good entertaining War Film a bit confusing at times, think Full Metal Jacket at the start then a bit 'Brotherhood' in the second half. Good special effects worth a watch

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