9th Company - Am I the last person to see this?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by gobbyidiot, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Soviet paratroopers left behind in Afghan pull out?

    Jesus is Russian acting melodramatic, and it's subtitled. Possible DVD option if you were keen.

  2. Last person not to use the search facility perhaps? ;)

    And yes, it's a blinding film , it's a composite of several actions told as one I believe. Special effects are something else , and an all round must-see.
  3. I deny the allegation and defy the alligator :D

    I think I'd have preferred dubbing - good enough for kung fu good enough for Russki propaganda, I say.
  4. It's quite homoerotic at times,big muscular Russians with taches cuddling each other. A sort of "Brokeback Mountain" but with AK47s and Mudjahadeen

    Not bad though.
  5. I have to say I enjoyed it apart from the above mentioned Homoerotica and the unrealistic Snow White, who may have been a real person as stated in the movie, but I doubt very much looked like her, but it was good to see she passed herself round for the price of a Turnip.
  6. I've been thinking about this, and the whole thing should be dubbed into British regional accents.

    Birmingham accent, Barry from Auf Weidersein Pet, the scene in the armoury -

    "Well that's all very well comrade Warrant Officer, but this machine goon has a bendy barrell!"

    North of England accent [somewhere between Yorkshire and Lancashire], first major attack -

    "Oh, fookin' ell, shit-the-bed, its only bloody Moojahhiddin".
  7. That works for me, the Warrant Officer could be from Glasgow.
  8. It's on Film 4 tonight 22:50.
  9. Notable for the sheer pleasure it takes in blowing up Afghan villages.
  10. The scenario describes the events that took place in early 1988 year, at the time of the operation «Magistral", when the paratroopers ninth company 345 separate paratroops regiment, took the fight at the height of 3234.

    9 company was one of the most legendary units of the Soviet Army in Afghanistan. Many called it "penal company" because it was formed from hooligans and dubious social elements.

  11. "Many called it "penal company" because it was formed from hooligans and dubious social elements. "
    Surely that's an entry requirement for paratroops the world over? (in fact, infantry, in general ... I had to share my Mess with some Guards Officers once, a bit different from normal people, except for the one who'd been shot and mortared up)

  12. Quick bump in case anyone missed earlier post, starting now on Film 4
  13. Thank you, just watching now. Purely for the history and nothing to do with the "big muscular Russians" !! :lol:
  14. Almer...

    Many thanks, saw your post when it first hit the site. Enjoyed the film when I saw it a while ago.

    This film has been the subject of a previous thread on arrse.

    Unfortunatley, I canny watch any tv at the mo as the new puppy has chewed the tv cable - still trying to fix it now. Aaargh!!!!

    Cup of tea n will get back to the splicing...

    Cheers anyway - enjoy.
  15. Its on film 4 right now 00:50, I'm going to watch it :)