9th/12th. return.

I know we all joke about the 9th/12th. but this is no joke.
I ask you to visit the Royal Armoured Corps facebook page and read the report that the new Mayor of Leicester (Sir Peter Soulsby) and the City council have decided NOT to let the 9th/12th. march through the City on their return from Afghanistan as they have done previously.
This is a smack in the face for local familes and a disgrace.
I served alongside the old 9th.Lancers in 2nd.AB. and had good mates there.
Have a look and sign the petition PLEASE!
All been changed now


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Yeah we might all slag off the 9/12th here in the RAC forum, but when all's said and done they are cavalry and recce, so it must make them the fifth best regiment in the army.

Where did I leave me tin hat?

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