9th/12th Lancers

Discussion in 'RAC' started by jonathon, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. isnt the 9/12 lancers the best ever recce regiment
  2. Er ......No

    Have you been smoking de'herb?
  3. Ummmmmm....errrrr...no! 8O
  4. who said comedy dead. must till be ripped of his tits
  5. I dont think they are .
  6. No...................... Give him another Eeeeeee.
  7. just taken some wagons off us. thick as mince, stood there while my lads did the tool check, then promptly robbed back all the kit we had borrowed. even said thanks!
  8. You're probably thinking of the Carlsberg recce regt.
  10. The 9/12L are the only Recce Regt, The rest are just cowboys or donkey wallopers!
  11. still on the methadone are we!
  12. No!

    I now suck CS pellets for refreshment!
  13. Once heard the three quarter regt reffered to as Council House Cavalry, remember that one Mr Gasman?