Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blankspace, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Does everybody get issued a pistol at the moment, if no who does then. Is it worth getting a holster before being mobilised?
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    we need one of those " Head in hands" avatars you see on the WoW forums......
  3. Sorry but i dont know what your getting at?!
  4. The personal weapon you're issued with depends on your trade, your rank and the theatre you're going to. If you need a holster, they'll issue you one. It may not be the most gucci one you've ever seen but it will do the job. And if you use a non-issue one and fcuk up by shooting yourself (or someone else) and it's got something to do with your non-standard holster then you'll be deep in the brown stuff.

    A good thing to do is get in phone contact with whoever it is you'll be replacing out in theatre - they'll almost certainly be able to answer all your questions including ref your pistol.

    PM (personal mail) me if you want to know more, I went through similar last year.
  5. I'm actually probably being a but doom-laden about using a non-issue holster.
    (Someone did have an ND on my tour last year so maybe that's colouring my judgement). Best thing to do is contact the bloke/ess you're replacing. You should be able to do that by asking at Chilwell how to contact them. Even if you do want to get your own stuff you can get it delivered to you in theatre.
  6. Holsters? Don't need em! Down the front of your trousers will do. Safeties? Don't need them either! Loaded, cocked and ready for action. Wouldn't want to fumble with a safety or struggle with a double-action first-shot now would you.

    Whilst you're at it, might as well disable the safety on the SA80, oh, and keep your finger on the trigger too. Seconds matter - my mates McNab and Ryan told me!!!
  7. What is your trade? or Tasking? for said deployment?
  8. There's no point buying some fancy holster now. Even if they give you a pistol, you won't know 'till you get it what it'll be. Mostly it's the Browning HP, but more and more people I know are getting the SIG P226, which is very good too. also, leg holsters and shoulder holsters are sooooo not ally this year. Only walts and people doing photoshoots wear pistols in holsters: most people shove it into the front pocket of CBA or if issued a vest into the internal holster. To be honest, if you need to draw it quick like, you're in deep trouble and where's your rifle anyway?
  9. Your rifle will be slung to the side due to stoppage. You use it as a back up if you need the firepower quickly. If in buildings rather than clearing a stoppage it will be slung and secondary will be used (Sig Sauer 226) until you are clear of danger or your OPO is giving covering fire or taken your position whilst moving through a building (CQB).