9mm vs Pitbull = good pitbull

Fúck me he didn't really have a think about backstop there did he?!
A good hard belt with a nightstick might have been safer, they don't tend to ricochet.
I prefer the video footage of Scouse toddlers being mauled to death by grandma's, "but he wouldn't hurt a fly, he's so gentle!" staffie, called Killer.
It's not the dog's fault, it's the owner.
Its a shame when pure bred Staffys get brought up badly by scrote families and end up getting bad press, I've got a 7 year old Staff and he really is the softest dog I've ever known, I've never seen any aggression in him whatsoever including around kids, other dogs & strangers.
Wasn't the dogs owner the tart that is screaming in the background.
There are exceptions, I accept that.
Watched it a few times and I still don't actually see a dog dangerously out of control or one that is attacking. Or one that can't be controlled with something other than a 9mm round.
A thread with a dog and no mention of Gibson?
It's more sporting to taser them first, it gets them proper riled up... pitbulls that is not epileptics.
The blokes a pissed Pol vagrant who's passed out. The dog bit the woman when she gets near the pissed bloke, then has a go at two coppers. Can't exactly shout a warning to a dog can you.

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