9mm Holster

Any suggestions on a decent holster for a 9mm pistol? Deploying to Afghanistan and it has been suggested that I'd be better off with a thigh holster as the standard holster is not 'user friendly' when wearing CBA. Don't plan on wearing webbing as I've been issued with a combat vest.


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Webtex does a good leg one for about £25....
but you will need a belt..the issue Vest is not too handy over Osprey....

lots of our guys (and myself) are using belt kit with osprey for driving Snatch because of the lack of space when the pouches are on the front.

pretty much to the indivdual....


Aircrew Shoulder Holster aint bad.I used one on my weapon load team in the RAF.We did'nt use rifles as we could'nt lug them around a fast jet without them getting in the way.


why not try and get a chest rig with a holster fitted, drop legs are ok but they are a bugger when trying to run,


for some other suggestions. Webtex don't have a very good reputation. I bought a gunslip/drag bag made by Webtex and whilst it's good enough for taking a rifle to civvy ranges It isn't the sort of quality I would choose to go to war with.

A holster is a mission critical piece of equipment. If things get that bad that you've got to fight the enemy with a pistol you need to have it in your hand without delay. If your holster has torn, frayed, the webbing's started to stretch or twist, the fasteners have jammed etc it could cause a terminal delay.

Buy the best you can afford.


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Try visiting The Outdoorsman

They supply Blackhawk, Webtex and custom made leather holsters.


I have a gleaming holster I bought off the booty I took off on Telic it is a black hawk (I think) hard plastic construction with weapon secure thumb safety catch at the top,adjustable drop leg strap and quality belt and clip 2x mag pouches on velcro leg strap which velcros around lower thigh complete with secure pistol lead it fits the issue 9mm Browning,Glock and Sig 226 .

All this information is about as good as tits on a fish without pictures ....sorry :sweatdrop:


I can thoroughly recommend 'Blackhawk' holsters of the drop leg variety. Used on Telic and Herrick, served me well. Time spent in the fitting, adjustment, and selection of a good quality belt will not be wasted. Word of warning before you buy; Blackhawk make holsters for spams, who like big shooters, so a size check is obviously crucial. No egg-sucking intended. The first time I saw these turn up, the QM had acquired them by local purchase without checking which particular model of forearm artillery they were designed for. Turns out we'd been given holsters for M9 Beretta; a much bigger shooter by all accounts. Cue pistols dropping out at regular and comic intervals. Chalk up another victory for Pusser!

If your being issued with a combat assualt vest it has an internal one hidden in the zip pocket on the lefthand side, be better than dropping it accidentaly, if ur running about


Chest rig is F all use over Osprey. Go for the best you can afford, preferably one that can adjst to either hip or leg and can hold a couple of mags too. I've got a Viper that does the trick quite well. :thumright:


DesktopCommando said:
If your being issued with a combat assualt vest it has an internal one hidden in the zip pocket on the lefthand side, be better than dropping it accidentaly, if ur running about

The holsters in the cop vests are absolutly useless and very very uncompfortable. Viper and Blackhawk are quite reliable. Ive recently seen a new holster in SASS and i dont know what it will be like but it might be a good idea to take a look at it.

BlackHawk are about the best holster for military purposes.
I've got the flap top thigh rig version Spec OPs in use with a 226. Certainly works for me.
The flap top can be held open and there is a thumb strap to hold the gat in place but allow a quick draw John Wayne impression if needed.

The flap top prevents damage to the grip of the weapon and keeps most of the crap and wet out.

I've got two mags in an ammo pouch mounted just above.

You need to spend some time adjusting the the thing so that it doesn't flap and bang if you have to leg it.

The only down side with thigh rigs is when seated in a vehicle, it's almost impossible to get the shooter out with any kind of speed and control.

Tried and tested a Safariland 6004 rig recently but managed to knacker it in 9 days. There good but not really built for military use, more police ops.

Avoid Viper, WebTex or any similar crap like the plague. They are guaranteed to let you down just when you really, really need them. Also the open top versions can mean the gun falls out or is damaged when climbing in and out of vehicles, buildings, etc.

One of my lads has got a German Army KSK leg rig which is a show stopper.
Really top gear kit but not sure if they are available in the UK. He's got it on long term loan from the Box Heads, they can have it back if they ask. Nicely.

Basically, buy the best you can afford from BlackHawk. Mine is essential in my job and has stood up to loads of abuse.

Having said all that the issue Vanguard/Wyvern jobby will get the job done.


Blackhawk omega drop leg holster. Excellent quality and can be bought for aboyut £50. As said above, not a bit of kit to buy cheap, as a failure may mean the difference between a good and a very bad day. USMC and Totally Tactical sell them. If you are extremely tall, you can buy an extension for them. If you have access to friends in the US, can buy direct off of the Blackhawk website, but be aware, as they sell many different types for different pistols. They also do lots of other drop leg stuff, like rifle ammo pouches. I have never regretted buying it, with it being borrowed by several friends for deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan.


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Safariland 6004 Drop Leg.
You can get them for Browning or Sig at Wolf Armouries. Yes it's an airsoft site but it stocks alot of specialized kit for the "hardcore walt".


might not be worth buying any leg holster type item anymore, there was an order pushed out while I was on tour recently stating that only issued holsters were to be used as they were the only ones specifically designed for the issued pistol.
Lip service may be being payed to this however that seems to be the official line


Well, if anyone needs a aircrew 9mm shoulder holster (leather strap across chest to holster,belt loop & internal mag pouch, open top with thumbstrap) l have one. £15 donation to mdn's charity or highest bid.
What's the verdict on issue tissue holsters now that people have seen the after market stuff in use? Is it worth buying or is the Osprey stuff good enough?
I used a Bianchi one with a thumb snap & found it pretty good. You can get a leg drop, but avoid the shoulder holster as it's fairly pants.