9MM Browning replacement -Warning, seriously hetero thread.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nurse, Feb 21, 2003.

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  1. with the shortage of pistols and the age of some of them what should we replace them with?
  2. as mentioned in previous link, either 226 or if the money was available a custom 1911. Proven in the hardest conditions and all that
  3. i would say the 1911 is a non starter the majoritoy of armed services use 9mm not .45acp and custom weapons are far to expensive for general issue. we're talking about a general issue pistol probably an of the shelf purchase.
  4. roger that fella, it's the sig then! Sorry but I have a tendency to shoot off on personal flights of fancy when it comes to such things.
  5. agree totally it would be nice to get a pistol in a larger caliber my preference would be the USP in .40. But I think the powers that be will be loath enough to fork out the shekels for a new pistol never mind a custom built one.
    Heard a milicious rumour the USMC's hand built .45's are a bit of a flop cause they won't issue any for training.
  6. To be perfectly honest the 45 ACP Colt isn't the hottest bit of kit, limites mag capacity and the rounds tend to leave traces of mass in the barrel.the barrel then knuckles half way down as the new round passes through the mass, not pleasant if you are the firer.

    Berettas are pony! endex

    Sig Walther and HK seem to have the combat pistol market sewn up. Agree that 10mm of .40 would be a nice change, more controllable than the volatile 9mm but I guess its got a job to do when it hits you
  7. I had heard about the USMC customs, but nothing about them failing. I am not surprised if they are controlling the issue of them. They must be pretty pricey bits of kit. A custom wilson CQB which is considered to be one of the best modern 1911s goes for about 1800 USD. My main fondness for the 1911s comes from their track record/history. They have proven themselves in the hardest fights and are still in use. That says a lot for them. As for the problems donut mentioned. Well again, I am not up to speed on it so I can't comment. Besides he has the ability to make me look like a right schlong if I tried to get technical.
    So back to the main discussion. For the weapons on offer, the sig. Used it, loved it.
    Finally I have to concur with Donut ref the Berettas. They are dog toffee
  8. My reasons for disliking the Bretta apart from them being ugly and uncool is from a safety aspect.

    There is no shroud around the barrell as there is with every other 9mm...........who the fuc# designed that, must have been an Italian.  The spams have learnt the hard way with a number of thier pony soldiers losing hands and big lump out of themselves when a failed round doen't clear the barrel and another closely follows it.......result: A piece of scrap and a requirement for a band aid

    I think it is important to have double action and a decocker...again HK walther and sig all offer this.
  9. the yank ones had a little problem of the slides cracking I'd heard.
  10. rigger the USMC custom ones the problem is the MEU (specops)guys don't get chance to train with them therefore when they are issued they 1. aren't confident in the weapons or in their skills with them. 2. are so used to the 92f that they prefer to carry them.
  11. carrying a 92f over a custom 45 -  goddamn
    I suppose if they are not getting enough time to familiarize themselves then who can blame someone for not wanting to take a weapon on ops that they are not 100% on.
  12. you are totally right.
    mind you the HK socom looks an interesting bit of kit.
  13. Not seen on the HK. I haven't been keeping up to date on things of recent. I have been out (of the army not the closet for any toilet traitors reading this) for about 6 years now. So any literature is not the easiest to buy off the shelf without being looked at like I am a mentalist. I speak to my brother a lot as he lives in the states and is fully up to speed on such matters.
    I take it the HK is the nuts and available in all calibres?
  14. the socom is only made for their special operations command though a version was produced for civilians called the mark 23

    good HK site is
  15. I personally can't understand anyone choosing a .45

    I would rather carry a slingshot made out of a pair of fat birds knickers. A custom 1911 weighs more than my mum and is as practicle as a bike in a fish tank.

    Alot of practicle pistol shooters use then because of the readiness and cheapness of ammo and its easiness to relaod your own ie recycle your empty cases.

    Just to side track , before the amnesty in 88 Me and my old man had a Thompson with a stick mag in .45 acp, what a cracking bit of kit. I never dressed up in a pinstripe suit and gelled my hairflat and called myself Al Pacino though.........honest.