9indak darastoo Arabi ?

:? 9indak darastoo Arabi ?

Have you studied Arabic ?

Im sure there are Islamic Coran ITD`s going to come in to the army....
Its good to learn a new dialect , good to show how much we are willing to help, but is this alone going to do the job ?

With OP telic 4 coming up there has been a big push to teach and learn colloquial Arabic and local Iraqi slang, but are we getting enough cultaral facts?

for those who have done the briefs,done the Arabic do you feel that you get told one thing then days later get told something totaly diffrent by some other person? i know the language is very diverse and i have enjoyed learning it........
But did they put this much effert in to Bosnia / Kosovo ?

How do you all feel about learning a new language?
At the end of the day....it would most certanly save you life if only you knew the basics.......INSHALLA !

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