999 caller - My trousers dont fit

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GuybrushThreepwood, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Taken from Ananova:

    A woman dialled 999 when she realised her trousers didn't fit.

    Another woman rang the emergency services to report a pigeon in their garden, while another caller asked for a pizza to be delivered.

    Devon and Cornwall Police revealed some of the time-wasting calls they have recieved recently.

    Others calls included complaints of a phone battery running out, builders making too much noise and a report of a large owl sitting on a telegraph pole.

    According to the Sun, Chief Inspector Nick Jarrold said: "There is a funny side, but I don't know what goes through their heads when they dial 999 to ask about changing their trousers.

    "An emergency call is when it is a life-or-death situation, people are injured or the baddies are still at the scene."
  2. Someone rang 999 in the west mids to ask how his police application was coming on................ Oh dear try again next year or hopefully never!
  3. Given the trivial nonsense that the police regularly choose to get involved with (policing shop windows etc), it serves them right.
  4. It's scary the brain power or lack thereof that the great unwashed are starting to show. It's bad enough people calling 999 because they're having an argument with the neighbour (my old neighbours for example) let alone because you have a pair of hooters in your back yard!
  5. Given the trivial nonsense that the police regularly choose to get involved with (policing shop windows etc), it serves them right.

    Dilfor thanks for that...Hopefully you will never need a an Immediate police response at Dilfor Mansions. Yes I imagine you would be well chuffed trying to get to get through while some mong is on the line.

    As per "trivial nonsense" on my ground we are forever dealing with trivial nonsense..most of it generated by the public !
  6. Yeah, Usually generated by the local chav's using us to get back at their ex, neighbour, milkman, rabbi etc etc.

    On a lighter note i've heard, and been sent to, some garbage calls from out control room. Here's a couple of pearlers.

    Immeadiate response call :- Bloke walking across a bridge with a bottle of vodka.

    Another good one

    There's a dog in my street thats been barking at a puddle for hours


    There's a peacock on a roof of a nearby house.

    In each one a computer log was generated and an officer sent to investigate.

    On a brighter note i don't think any of them created any paperwork, certainly the first one didn't as i had to respond to that one myself.

    You couldn't make it up.
  7. I think the problem is that there isn't a national non-emergency number you can dial.

    Everyone knows 999, or 112, but how many people know the number of their local station?

    What do you do if you are in a strange area and see something suspicious?

    If it's not an emergency, you've got to ring directory enquiries, and find out what the number to the local plod is, before you phone them. Most people just don't bother, and some ring 999 for trivialities. What's worse?
  8. Probably because they can't be bothered reaching for the phone book, most forces have at least half a page with all the numbers for local nick's on them.

    Much easier to dial three numbers than to pick up that heavy book, open it and read it.

    Also a lot of the public have lost all sense of reality with the advent of the nanny state. They think the police exist to solve all their problems (many of their own making) and their problem needs to be solved straight away. Like the bloke on my old patch who rang at 0300 on a sunday morning (just as the clubs are kicking out) to report an untaxed car.
  9. If Dilfor ever does, no point dialling 999 because no one will come. You'll al be out warning OAPs about homophobic behaviour or some such.
  10. I'd like to know just how big a percentage of calls are made on mobiles nowadays. Obviously, if you are at home finding a telephone book should be no problem, it's a different matter if you're not.
  11. Unfortunately, I know some stories of police failure and some of the good work they have shown. I know one police constable did more than her official duty when I had an accident but I also know of my useless local community officer who has yet to contact me since June despite having footage for an ongoing investigation they are still doing. I also know of one delicious constable who..... ah never mind, let's just say he brighten my day. :D

    Slightly off topic but one question for the plod to answer that puzzles me and one of the posts above reminded me of.
    You're always reminded that if you are driving on the motorway and suddenly feeling tired, you should pull over at the nearest rest stop (petrol station, motel, food court, etc) or hard shoulder for safety sake, right? Or so I thought.
    A recent tv program showed an elderly couple had done just that, you could tell the excuse was genuine because the man (driver) was still sleeping when the plod knocked on his window, even she was sleeping too in the passenger seat. Fine? Indeed, he was fined £30 for doing so despite his car not causing a hindrance to other road users and the particular stretch he parked on was not shorten by grass verges, fences, etc. Question is what was he supposed to do? Drive on and perhaps cause an accident for falling a sleep at the wheel?
  12. Seagull wrote
    All unmanned or no-one answering in the phone in any case. Just a place to hide from the bad lads and sit out your watch in the warm.

    Apologies to the plod who do take their duties seriously but they seem to be getting fewer and further between.
  13. Or like our local nick. After 21:00 its an Answerphone telling you to dail 999 if its an emergancy otherwise call again after 09:00 at which time the message changes to 'no one is available........'
  14. I think the biggest ever waste of police time in this country was back in 1984, when Thatcher's boot boys did the political dirty work and got stuck into the miners. I think most police on the ground never complained owing to the obscene amounts of overtime gained.

    Still, I suppose our ongoing reliance on Venezuela for cheaper open-cast coal is still furthering Socialist ideals...

  15. Prick. I dont think you understand the thread.