I could be wrong about the job site but isnt the job under "infantry soldier" and then the regiment you want to join is paras?
Cheers, I had found that just wonderd why it wasnt under its on category on the army jobs website. I've started an application to join the army in the REME, been thinking of joining the para's though, just wondering if I wanted too switch would it be possible or would I have have to start a new application?

I found changing can considerably push back your joining date because you may have to wait for the next intake which could be a few months down the line, so think hard about it mate.
If you want to join REME you have to pass technical tests at ADSC.
You can always go REME and then do P Coy later and serve with airborne units.
It is on there if you look. If you havent already though ild suggest going to the para insight course, its a great help and insight into the paras on what you have to do