97 Sig Sqn

I am currently serving with 97, we do have a small troop in Kosovo as well. It is early days, but we are doing fine.
Yeah...good luck and keep the sports injuries down!!!
Good because when i was at BLMF they skivved off most of the phys but were champions of bar games in The Foundry! Note that the CO's Saturday morning run doesn't count as phys neither does rollerskating with the Dutch on a Sunday afternoon.

Bergans on, ladies and gents; get tabbing!
If youve got time too do all the fizz they throw at you it means your not busy enough, the last 97 OC wanted everyone to just down tools and do fizz, not really much use when your half way through a fibre splice and kit all over the place. I was on a comms fault in Sarajevo and she wanted to know why i hadnt turned up for PT.....in the BLMF DOOOOOH !!!
yes when i was there PT was first thing in the morning, and yes your right it didnt effect work cos i found out there was not much too be done, thats why i returned to blmf and ran the Kos side from there using the airbridge if work was required, only used it once in the whole tour..
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