97 Sig Sqn, the aftermath

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Spunk_Dump, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Well ladies and gents. We've all back home to our loved ones, and we slowly return to normality.
    How did we find the experience of going away with loads of new people, and working with them 24/7?.
    Whats youre thoughts of the pre mobilisation training, mobilizing, trade training, continuation training at Donnington, and then going out to our choosen locations, weather it be Boz or Slim lines in Kosavo.
    Is it something you liked, and would you do it again?.
    Share youre stories here.
  2. Do we really want that? Was it another set of plots off Coronation Street
  3. Most unfair Mr Polar, just because the last lot , or some of the last lot could not behave themselves does not mean this lot did the same, tut tut.
    I hear it was a brilliant start, wained a bit in the middle and pittered out at the end, at least the naughty boys of 2004 had staying power, more work as opposed to less PT, instead of the other way around this year.
    Although rumour control does suggest some of the same was happening this year as well, with regards to certain relationships.
  4. Oh Mr DUMP were you also there in 2004 by chance ???
  5. Rumour control has it, that if you volunteer for the next 97 Sqn your plane may get diverted to Afghan-e-land, be warned you saw it here first
  6. No current rumour is TA will continue in Bos and may also take on Falklands
  7. There's an awful lot of planning and preparation gone into the next 97 deployment, which will be the last since some other unfortunate EU country will be taking over after that. Well that's what the bods coming back from CVHQ briefings are saying anyway. Afghanistan doesn't require much more effort from the Royal Corp(v) at the moment.

    Heh at the rate it's rumoured to be going they'll have to comp mobilise or do something drastic to get more TA in to make up for the shortfall in numbers for 97.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Isn't 33 Sig Regt leading the mob?

  9. Its definatley a 12 Sig Group mob, although the distinction between them and 2 Sig Bde is becoming blurred. I wouldn't be suprised if Donnington was home the both shortly (I've spent more time in the Ptarmigan training centre than I did beforehand - when I was in a Ptarmigan unit)
  10. msr

    msr LE

    And just remind me how much Ptarmigan is in Bos now?

  11. None, maybe I'm the optimist? Its not all doom and gloom for 12 Sig Grp, CORMORANT is just around the corner. However I'd reckon they'd be better off in 2 Sig Bde doing modern comms a lot earlier
  12. msr

    msr LE

    If you can call 2012 just around the corner...

  13. Are the regs using Comorant full time now ?
  14. I believe so. We had it on one of our dets earlier this year, we couldn't find a use for it. We tended to use commerical systems instead
  15. Looking at the website the various trades on offer pretty much Dagger dets (IS op?), Techs, IS Eng/Tech roles going, AS OP and Radop are taken on mainly for JMH skills... 8O

    There will be opportunity for the soldiers to do some quick trade training to re-role into whatever required, depending on your ability. The recruitment appears to be heavily focussed on what your civi skills are although that's just my mates' interpretations, who happen to be going through the process.

    Cheeky way of getting plenty of 12 Sig group soldiers re-roled in preparation for the future? Well not really cheeky but still..