97 Nazi tanks used as Cold War defences for sale..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Photo


    Anybody know just what types they are?
  2. Panzer Mk IVs from what I remember reading elsewhere. Not like the Germans were going to give the good stuff like Panthers to their allies.

  3. Saw a picture of one of the tanks which looked like a PzIII with a 75mm gun - the turret looked too narrow to be PzIV. Might just have been a bad angle though

    just as an aside...
    when the Czechs decided to get rid of their training T34/85's a while back, one of my mates (a MOD contractor) tried to buy one and figure out a way to get it back to the UK ... oddly the germans were not happy with him driving the thing over their border as he headed to the channel ports! Think he said only one ferry would/could take the thing. Deal fell through though. Shame as I was going to help out (ok, I was going to drink beer and do my panzer commander impersonation in the cupola :eek:)
  4. Hello armchair_jihad,

    that looks like a late model Panzer IV with long 75mm gun,they had Maybach engines.

  5. Not bad given that the pic is a PzKfw II...

    Anorack please! And a taxi...
  6. daz

    daz LE

    Panzer IV F or H, BTW the finds hardly new, and neither is the locals making off with parts, or the whole bloody tank :D rear shot of the local storage area

  7. Your recognition is poor count the road wheels and crew. When did a Pz2 have 5 crew and 8 road wheels.

    This is a 2


    This is a 4 not the difference.

  8. Oops! :oops:

    Ok, you can have the anorak back.
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    A similar story; a friend of mine became aware (many years back) that the swiss were about to decommission their Hetzer tank destroyers (inherited from uncle Adolph) and use them as hard targets on ranges. He wrote a begging letter to the Swiss legation, asking to buy one. He heard nothing for ages, then had an invitation to meet in London where he was quizzed as to his motives. Having persuaded them of his desire to restore and show the Hetzer, he was given one - provided he pay for shipping. He now has a fair sized collection of vehicles which he shows and hires out for films.
  10. This caught my eye, Looks like it's been mated with a Soviet SU 122 barrel,
  11. Interesting one in The Jacks second link, second pic of the second set, looks very Tiger 2ish, now that would be a find.

    Napier, was your friend TA by any chance and did he feature in Soldier mag with the vehicle around 20ish years ago?
  12. Jacks second link, second pic of second set is a T-34/85
  13. my mistake, I meant the third picture, turret to the left of the picture.