97 and still up for a jump

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by merchantman, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. The thread title misled me I must confess, but good on him anyway. :wink:
  2. I saw him on the Beeb World Service TV.
    Well done Sir.
  3. The guy has got some balls - amazing :clap:
  4. Fcuking hell!!!!!

    I bet the clubs insurance blokes sh&t bricks when that was proposed!!!

    Good on the bloke. If he makes it to 100 (and he probalby will by the look of it) another FHM Centurion?
  5. Well done sir. When interviewed didn't he look younger than a couple of days away from 98? He'd easily pass as a 70 something. And he was so eloquent. Usually you get a baffling sound accompanied by dribbling from such an elderly gentleman. Not a dribble in sight.
  6. Well done!

    I love to hear about old people who stay active. Maybe because I want to be an active old person someday.

    About 5 years ago George H.W. Bush jumped for his 80th birthday. Military jump done with the US Army Gollden Knights jump team. (Rank does have its privleges!) He had jumped previously, most notably when some Japanese shot some holes in his plane.

    I also loved learning that Senator McCain's mother drives a red BMS with a standard transmission at age 96.
  7. Well done sir!
    It's always nice to see a positive story. It's a pity there aren't more theses days.
  8. Just like to congratulate that man. Nice to hear of a real "good news story" in these days of recession, depression and any other "ession" the politicians and media can think of!