97 and 98 Signal Squadrons (V) on the Balkans

dear all,

I am looking for details on the above mentioned signal squadrons:
97 (BRITFOR), and
98 (Balkans) Signal Squadrons (V)
Both were formed from amongst (but not exclusively) TA personnel in 2 (NC) Signal Brigade and 11 Signal Brigade, respectively, in the early 2000s. They were formed for service on the Balkans (Bosnia, Kosovo) as part of SFOR/KFOR, or whatever the multi-national force was/is called.

These units are of interest, as they are (said to be) the first substantial overseas deployment of a TA unit since WW2.

What I have so far is that 97 Squadron was mobilised in October 2001 and deployed in Bosnia by late November.
98 Squadron was mobilised in March 2003
Yet another 97 Squadron is mentioned to have been mobilised in January 2007. It was deployed in April and returned November/December.

I have a couple of questions and hope the collective knowledge of this forum has the information I am after:
- For the first two 'tours', I don't have information when the squadrons were demobilised? So more in general, for what period where these squadrons put in the field?
- Guessing a tour is ~1 year, I have 2002 and 2003 and then 2007. Were there also similar missions between 2004 and 2006, and after 2007?
- Are the squadrons still existing on paper somehow?

Thanks a lot!
kind regards, Wienand


One of them, no idea which, was in Pristina when I went out there for the Mitrovica flare up in March 2004.

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