95 year old man picked up for KERB CRAWLING

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Last updated at 19:58pm on 20th September 2006
    Man, 95, held for kerb-crawling

    A 95-year-old man has been arrested during a crackdown on kerb-crawlers at a popular seaside resort.

    The pensioner was detained by officers after he was seen to pick up a prostitute in Bournemouth, Dorset, but he was let off with a reprimand because of his age.

    Inspector Mark Kelly said: "He had been driving around, picked up a girl, took her somewhere nearby and officers intervened as they were getting down to sexual activity.

    May have to move back to UK.
  2. 95 yr old going whoring?

    He deserves a medal!
  3. VD and scar?
    What a player!
  4. Absolutely right what a player! Hopefully an ex-squaddie and fellow arrser.

    Good to see that all of the drug dealers, drug addicts etc were allowed to get on with their normal business while plod was following this 95 year old threat to society (mind you at least they didn't shoot him - can't have looked Brazilian).

  5. Why is it so surprising? I knew a man who still enjoyed a full sex life at 103 ................

    .......... which was handy 'cos he lived at 101 so only had to pop next door :D
  6. Excellent stuff!
  7. Good stuff, old fella! He's 95, what else is he supposed to do? It's not like I would want to be banging fellow 95 year old grannies when I am that old.
  8. Thats a good point actually. Maybe he could post in the granny bashing thread.

    "My youngest had a 75 year age gap....."

    Now thats trapping!
  9. Hats off to the old fella, sponsored by Viagra no doubt!

    Must be an ex squaddie, if only as a conscript "during the war."
  10. Good drills fella, I hope I've still got it in me when I'm that old.
  11. If he is an ex-squaddie he'd have been banging 95 year old grannies when he was 19. Good drills. Hope she gave him an OAP discount.
  12. I just hope some pc cretin didn't try on the "You should be ashamed at your age" line. The man should have a redlight district named after him!

    Good work oldfella!
  13. Last night I mentioned the matter, in the Local and in front of all the regulars to our 86 year old vet of WW II.
    He smiled looked up and said "Suppose it must be the sea air".
  14. Nice to see our tax-payers money is being well spent by the police!
    At 95 yrs old, good on him, shame the police cant do any real policing like catching murderers and rapists.