95 Smock Upgrade

Yesterday eyeball"d a bloke with a highly modified Soldier 95 Ripstop Smock.It was superb but It was NOT a Special Air Sea Services product but very similar to their Kit- Carry Smock.Modifications as follows-

1/ Two extra lower pockets sewn next to the standard ones.

2/ A large external 3 button poachers pocket on lower smock back ( same as the SASS version.

3/ A left arm FFD pocket ( made out of DPM issue Bergan material )

4/ Issue hood sewn to Smock with a hood retainer fitted.

5/ This was my favorite, the elbows of the smock had again issue Bergan material as reinforcment panals with foam liners.

6/ A square strip of velcro on the right arm for unit badges.

7/ Both shoulders again with Bergan material reinforcments.

This WAS NOT a SASS smock but the workmanship was of the same high standard as theirs.The lad who had it did not know its history but I would really like to know who makes these and also if it is available in Desert DPM.

Sounds like an Arktis Kommando smock or the Arktis sniper smock to me, all he's got is the velcro sewn on, the list of features you mention are standard on both of those (although I think the Kommando doesnt have the shoulder parts you mentioned))

I know Arktis will tailor your smock for a fee, perhaps Troopers handy work?
Yea I thought this was an Arktis modification but it was way beyoned their quality, it was very specialised.This was a " Lessons Learnt " and ideas brought back from Operations.
Fair one, i'd still suggest if its the quality you say it is then Troopers or J.J's might have done the work on it. Nothing to loose by dropping Bill a line over a Troopers, as Cutaway will back me up they seem to beable to do anything with that sewing machine of theirs.
I dont think either have got a website mate. Are you with 63 in colly? As troopers is in colly on Maldon Road i believe.
Anyone know if Troopers or JJs do any work in Gortex? I basically want a padded snipers smock in Gortex, ie not with a separate liner, like the Arktis version.

(Yes I know this is all to do with problems of seam sealing, but I'm not bothered about small leaks - just the overall weatherproofing and useability.)


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sixty_three said:
Can anyone supply the website/ email address"s of Troopers of Colchestor and Jay Jays of Brecon , thanks
Best I can do


01206 511268

Jay Jays:

01874 610 036
You can also get a very similar smock from www.tacgear.de

The price is very reasonable too (around 75 quid).
Working in the office today when the clothing store bloke came in and said "here 3 mile ,I've just got a delivery of new combat jackets but they are different to the normal ones I demanded...come and have a look" fcuking great I thought :pissedoff: but bored shit less I follow him and lo and behold he hands me :numberone:


NSN 8415-99-573-5265 (180/104)


No gucci arm pads or rear pockets but a decent windproof with the zip pockets ala field jacket and wired hood, apparently now replacing Jacket field DPM,so I obviously exchanged mine there and then ....ahem :cyclopsani:
Tartan_Terrier said:
You can also get a very similar smock from www.tacgear.de

The price is very reasonable too (around 75 quid).
That's the badger. Had a german guy on course who had been attached to the KSK and he was wearing one of those smocks, issued in flectarn naturally. He said it was based on the UK SAS smock with mods for the KSK.

Not bad, but too many pockets I think.
bit like your user name then??

The new jackets are good but the is mass shortage of one the correct size for blokes about 6 ft and twelve stone, plenty of xxxs though!?! 8O

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