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Hi Just trying to find out official stand on Ironing 95 Shirts. I have never taught my Cadets to iron creases across the back in 95 Shirts as it's something I have never done myself or even told to do. However after returning from a camp an officer picked them up for not having creases ironed in the shirts. Can someone please tell me the official stand on creases in 95 shirts and where I can find the information.
mastergnr said:
creases across the back??

a la WRAC?
It's a unit thing, some do, some don't.
I just iron creases in the sleeves, that's about it really..saying that I'm a TA recruit and might not know bugger all :)
it only the sleves I iron them in aswell just wanted the offical line on rest of creases to.............
Read your Sector's Dress Regs, a copy of which should be held by the Sector Adjt, and then with that info tell the jumped up Capt Mainwaring to go poke his all unknowing head up his hoop!

CS95 Shirts should not be pressed as it reduces the life of the shirt and the IRR coating. They should at most be 'lightly ironed', I think it is iron level 2, and then only given creases on the arms. If a particular unit decised to put creases all over the shop then hey ho and good luck to them, but it isnt in the dress regs.

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