95 Shirt, Ironing and Unofficial alteration - Badge Question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Travelgall, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. Badge as in "The Badge". Basically I've just been issued new 95 Shirts after a 12 year Sabatical from HM Forces. Now I may be going senile but the last time I was issued these they didn't have a zip in them - just buttons. And no it wasn't a trop shirt last time - I'm not that senile. Seems to be this is a belt and braces approach as the buttons on their own are just fine. Its hardly there for thermal properties because you just wear a Norgie instead if you're cold, and besides the zip seems to end about 2" above my belly button. The zip makes it a real pain in the jacks to iron and get nice and smart - especially round the collar.

    My question is this - Do you reckon the Badge is going to tear me a new one if I cut the damn zip out? Has anybody else done this?

    And yes I know its official title is "Combat Jacket Lightweight" or something, but lets be honest, does anybody wear it in such a role?
  2. C95 is shite-was good when first introduced and made by a decent supplier, then it went somewhere else---way too baggy, and the bloody army still insists of tucking yer jacket into yer pants ( unless on ops then can be out ) then you spend all day retucking it back in..looks half decent if shirtyjacket thing is not tucked in....even healthy bods look terrible in, it sags around yer back flops at the front..if you wear a norgie that means t-shirt, norgie and shirt -3 things to tuck into yer pants...we should look at the German or Dutch army they look miles smarter than us lot. Take a look next time it's windy everyone has inflatopants-it's nearly as bad as the god awful habit of putting belts around combat jackets, thank christ our unit doesn't suffer from this terrible mess - after being in for over 31 years and still going strong I hope to see some decent stuff to wear one day- still it's just about more bearable than shirts hairy kf for the use of------however the wearing of shirtyjacket thing with sleeves at 3/4 length as seen on news does look cool-a few of us old farts copy this when doing a bit of manual stuff---------wether yer cut the zip out or not it still looks shite
  3. What's a 'norgie'?

    I don't use the zip personally, but then again I don't cut it out. Yes, you'll get a little mark when you iron it but i really wouldn't waste anytime altering it.
  4. I've always cut the zips out of my shirts and nobody has even noticed, let alone picked me up for it. It serves no purpose as far as I can see and without it you can iron the front flatter so it looks smarter. Simples.
  5. Norgies? Gadzooks!!

    The singularly worst bit of kit ever issued; turn into a shapeless mess after the first wash.

    Softie jackets are the way ahead.
  6. Oh by the way Box of Frogs - thanks for your thoughts. Useful to have a differing opinion.
  7. Wah. Why would anyone actually want to wear one of those hideous things? Do they even issue them anymore?

    You're welcome!
  8. Why would anyone honestly care if you cut the zip out of your CS95 shirt?? Its not exactly noticable is it? remember, what the badge dont know wont hurt you! When I was at Catterick I used to zip it up but that quickly changed after my little "holiday" to Jordan the day I joined my unit......
  9. Yes they do.
  10. I used to love Norge shirts. The only problem I had with them was that even though they were brilliant for Cold Dry conditions, they were absolutely horrible for Cold Wet ones.

  11. [wah shield]
    Either the shirt or one of these: View attachment 34046

    [/wah shield]
  12. Only problem i can see is that you might get billed for damaging it if you ever have to hand your kit back in.
  13. Nope - clothing warn next to the skin is written off regardless of condition. At least officially; I've had lads re-issued worn CS95, but we are matelots, so that may be the reason why!
  14. Norgies were cool and ally until they started issuing them. I could never understand why everyone had to have them beforehand, apparently it was because the issued ones were poorer quality, nothing to do with the fact that it was better to be seen in kit you'd bought from Silverman's than been issued for free from the G10!