95 cold weather hood: HELP!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by benji101, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. benji101

    benji101 Crow


    I got a 95 ripstop jacket with a hood. The hood has wire in it and I don't really understand!

    do you tuck the wire bit back into the hood? It feels a bit dodgy sticking out, 'cause the wire is at 90degrees at each end.

    Please help me! Everyone I've asked don't have a clue!

    [I'm a cadet and i'm about to go on exercise in a few days.]

  2. al_5780

    al_5780 Old-Salt

    just cut one end and pull the wire out with a leatherman or pliers
    the wire is as good as ejector seats in helicopters,
  3. benji101

    benji101 Crow


    Thanks! Should I leave the hanging bit or tack it back underneath?
  4. al_5780

    al_5780 Old-Salt

    again just bastardise it so you have full use of hood without the naff flap
  5. benji101

    benji101 Crow

    Legend! cheers! [Definitely made me laugh]