94th Foot (Scotch Brigade).

Anyone have information on the 94th Foot (Scotch Brigade) formed in 1564 for service with the Dutch?
They were amalgamated with the 88th Foot (Connaught Rangers) in 1881 and became 2nd Bn Connaught Rangers losing their Scottish identity. Sadly they were disbanded along with several of the other old Irish Regiments in the 1920s

Prior to 1881 were they clothed as a Scottish Regiment, have pipers etc?
Grateful for any information on this fascinating old regiment.
Busterdog said:
Anyone have information on the 94th Foot (Scotch Brigade) formed in 1564 for service with the Dutch?
www.regiments.org is a good source; I suspect that you've already seen their page on the 94th.


This contains two interesting links;
A good potted history of the Scotch Brigade
Their service 1799 to 1807, in India

The links contains several print references..... reading between the lines, having been raised for foreign service like the Royal Scots, they tried to claim that they had continuous service from that time. Didn't wash, probably because they didn't come back from Dutch service as a formed regiment.

The first link mentions that "...Reduced to 130 men, the regiment came home in April 1808, and was sent to Scotland to recruit. It was included among the regiments that were directed in an order of the following year to discontinue the use of Scottish clothing." which would imply that they had worn it until that point.
I recall that they were originally referred to as the Scottish Blue Brigade, on account of their uniforms. I believe they originated with the dispatch of Scottish Calvinst (or Presbyterian?) soldiers to serve the Dutch during their eighty year long war of independence against the Spanish. William of Orange brought a contingent of them with him in 1688, though just how Scottish they were by then I do not know. That they were amalgamated with the Connaught Rangers comes as no real surprise, as both regiments had a tradition of service in the overseas garrisons of their respective employers. I imagine that the Scottish Military History Society, which deals with Scottish soldiers in British and foreign service, would be a good place to start looking.

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