Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by eve1962, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. After the hassle on the Naafi, decided to post this. Looking to chat to nice, genuine people who can hold a conversation without hurling abuse around. So, PM me if you are one of those - ie nice and genuine!!
  2. Your wasting your time. One of the trolls or they're mates will come here and waste your thread.
  3. 8O

    maybe HGV has just done that Eve :roll: ... throw any cast offs my way Eve :lol: could do with a good natter lol :wink:
  4. nice enough to send abusive texts from a third party phone hoping to fuff up the other persons friendship and genuine enough to not remember where you are coming from.....

    isn't this just a rewording of this post eve?


    or this........


    or this.......


    or this.......


    i'm sure there are more, but now I'M bored looking!

    Bottom line, Eve is bored, and would like attention please......

  5. I take it you were bored bbc? :lol:
  6. Very, obviously .... I have a stalker!!!

  7. Yes Eve and I shall endeavour to be any means get your mobile phone number and send you an abusive text MWAHAHahhahah

    Oh No, Wait, that's wrong that was you, wasn't it.....

    Hmmmm, now do I have a stalker I wonder.....

    Actually Eve It's been pointed out to me that by feeding your sick need to be the centre of attention I'm actually adding to your boring existence, so I'm stepping back and asking you to do the same.

    You are too sad for words, and too crazy to attend to.

    Try not to bore others in your boredom.

  8. And with that I hope you stay away now ........ cos you bore me ..... bye bye xxx
  9. Beebs - fcuk off .......... if I bore you so much , why keep searching through my threads?? Why be the FIRST to always leap onto any of my threads? Cos I bore you so much .......... and just for the record (since you keep bringing it up all the time) yes, I am a gorgeous leggy blue eyed blonde ---- SO??????????? Live with it ...... I do ......... byeeeeeeeeee
  10. I think you missed out the prefix "strawberry"
  11. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    you're a classy chic i can tell from the way your c*ck hangs 8O
  12. Gorgeous?

    I would have said 'Face like a bag of smashed crabs' or 'Chops like a box of roadkill'

    I think to call yourself gorgeous would be like saying Myra Hindley ran a cracking baby sitting business.
  13. Bit of a heavy bite, there, Eve? 8O

    Any chance of a place for my kid there? probably better for him than with my ex :lol:
  14. I think to call yourself gorgeous would be like saying Myra Hindley ran a cracking baby sitting business.[/quote]

    She kept them quiet though, eventually .............
  15. While i shall choose to stay out of this slagging match, some things are truly in bad taste, eve...