932(b) re-certification

Not sure if this is just a unit problem or army wide.....
what is the process for re-certification of 932(b) inspection reports? as long as the repairs are completed within 28 days of the initial inspection. there is no generic way of completing the report. is your signature in the re-certification box all that is required or do you have to annotate against every non-taskworthy job and also annotate the failures in their respective boxes from fail to pass? i thought that the introduction of the re-cert box was to get rid of the need to annotate every single non-taskworthy job!! why would you sign this box if not all non-taskworthy jobs are completed?
any thoughts on this appreciated.
as a 'just in case thing', i used to just put my john hanncock next to the vor jobs aswell as the re-cert box.
but that was me as i didn't do many inspections.
but we still got a green on our eci, with the eci asm checking all the mei reports, so, if he was happy.........
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