91 - 98 27 Tpt Regt re-union

For all those who were privileged to belong to the afore mentioned Regt during it’s heyday, there is to be a re-union on the 14 Jun 08 in the Alexandra Public House (The Alex). Starting time is a bit vague, but if your there for opening time (as was the S.O.P.), you won’t be going far wrong.

Dress is optional but you must bring along three identical coins, in order to stand a chance of wining the Sing The National Anthem – Naked- on top of the multi storey prize. (Lee Panter Spoof). Come along for some ‘pulling up of sandbags and swinging of the lamp, in what is strictly a non family occasion.

PS. If anyone knows where our boat went to, could you bring it along just for old time’s sake?

PPS. This is by no means an official function and started off as a bit of a wheeze on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Since then it has gathered momentum and it is estimated circa. 45-60 people are attending.
Just a quick up date - This thing is snowballing rapidly. It looks like there are going to more folks attending than there are extras in a Steven Spielberg epic!

I don't think the new owners of the Alex know what's coming.

Run while you still can and forget the women and children.

Naked Bar anyone?
:( I wish i had known about the informal reunion as i was with 27 regt from 92 to 98. Known as SADDAM - 7 sqn C Troop. low loaders.
If anyone remembers me give me a shout. All the best daz strat......

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