90mph police chiefs driving ban

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theoriginalphantom, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. BBC news

    42 day ban and a fine? is that all? Oh well such is life.
  2. It's exponential, i got 14 days and £200 for 47 in a 40(!)

    I thought anything over a certain limit was an instant revocation?
  3. He should be required to resign or, at the very least, demoted. If that was a Police Constable receiving a driving ban you could bet that his/her forces Standard unit would be on him/her like a pack of wolves.
  4. It happened in May and its now Dec. So why has only just come to light?
  5. True but required to resign. Thats well out of order considering what he or she had given to queen and country.

    Thats like saying your CO should resign if he had an ND. Be reasonable. This wouldn't even be a story if he wasn't a Bobby.
  6. It wouldn't be so much of a story if it wasn't for this Call for less visible speed traps

  7. Unfortunately, a call for having more hard-to-see speed traps is going against a visual deterrent theme, which the current Government is keen to put accross.
  8. Be reasonable? Why?
    Not like anybody else is liable to be treated reasnobly for the same offence are they?
    I've got a NIP sitting here for 58mph in a 40 zone, nobodies fault but mine and I am likely to loose the job for it but I expect no mercy, why should e be any different?
    Just for clarity I was doing 58mph in a 40, works van, Motorway roadworks at 5am, no work force present and one other vehicle on the carriageway. The points I will recieve will prevent me continuing with the agency job that I was working for.
    I expect no sympathy here nor in court, but just because this guy is a Police Officer should not make him any less liable for punishment.
  9. It would have been a non story, but I can guarantee that is it was a bobby he would be severely in the Sh!te, and would probably be required to resign, let alone the ACPO lead on the offence he's been banned for. Most bobbies have given as much as they can for the crown and public but it doesn't stop them for getting the sack or being told to resign for relatively minor infractions.

    Look at the outcry when PC MILTON was in court for speeding in a police vehicle, at least he had an excuse.
  10. Why would you be going to court over it, are you trying to appeal?
  11. So twenty odd years to the queen means feck all. Besides you drive a van for a living. He drives a desk and therefor has no fair reason to lose his job for what he did on his own time.

    You commited an offence in works property on what I ASSUME was works time? By doing so broke your part of the agreement which probably says you can't work for us if you have points.

    If he was a traffic copper I might have been inclined to agree a little bit more with you.
  12. Will delay replying to the NIP for the full 28 days, might as well get a month more work before I loose the option :D
    Depends on wether I get a fixed penalty option or not (at nearly 50% over the limit probably not), if the penalty is more then 3 points I will loose the work. Apparently my speed suggests 4 to 5 points for it, if its 3 or less I may still be able to continue.
    It may be possible to appeal to the Magistrates better nature if so and keep it to 3points, not optomisitc on that one though :D
  13. Just spoken to a serving bobby about this 30 seconds ago who says. No you wouldn't be expected to resign and you would simply get a slap on the wrist off the job and a driving ban like everyone else.

    Editted to add he knows of three cases of this in the last few years!
  14. You were bloody unlucky. Last time I was caught earlier this year I was doing 47 in a 40 zone and just got 3 points and a £60 fine.