900 Sacked at Oil refinery

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Remember the place that walked out over the employment of foreign nationals?

    So much for taking on Total. Obviously got a bit bored with the Unions inability to control its members and have sacked the majority of the workforce.


    Contract labourers withdrew their labour because 51 staff had been let go? Don't they realise that they are the expensive labour? Unofficial action? Plain stupid, if you ask me, and they have got everything they deserve.

    Watch out for a few jobs coming back (at greatly reduced wages) for permanent staff.......
  2. Serves them fecking right.
  3. Great news as this will cause the nappy wearing saviour of the world, Goron Brown and the Liebour party big problems.
  4. A few of our customers work there and they're all as Left-Wing as they come. A shot over the Bows is sometimes a good way to put the cat amongst the pidgeons and remind people just where they stand in the food chain...!
  5. Cool - we have'nt had a good Fuel Protest/Panic since 2000! 8)

    Nothing funnier than watching the Cattle fight each other for the last few drops of petrol! :twisted:
  6. What do they expect when they go out on an un official strike and against terms of their contract.
    No sympathy what so ever and I wonder how many of them will be offered a job when they have to apply for their old jobs????
  7. Interesting read though. The two versions of what happened and why are totally polerised. Tbh, I never trust a company's press version of events, but feel that the workforce have no-one, but themselves, to blame for losing their jobs.

    Could this become a Summer of Discontent for Labour? I truly hope so :twisted:
  8. Total boss on Today said perfectly willing to talk but only once agreed procedures are followed and blokes go back to work. If this is the SP, good. Maggy is too feeble to come back and crack skulls
  9. Cool, break out the Hickory sticks and FRG's.....!

    "TARGET'S Will Fall when Hit"
  10. Problem with this, is that they have sacked them, so there is no talks to be had. Both Unite and GMB are saying that Total are not willing, nor have been, to talk. Like I said, totally different views.

    This will not sit easily with other workers and it has already started to spread to other places. Better start replenning now :wink:
  11. Saw some of it on the News this morning and one of the union reps on a soap box shouting away with the words "Brothers and Sisters". The unions never change do they!!!! Un official strike, they have no one to blame but themselves.
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Yes, but to talk about what? Unions asking them to impose restricted working and employment practises that would be illegal? That's plain stupid.

    Good on Total for putting two fingers up. I can't believe that in the times of the biggest squeeze in economic history and the biggest jump in unemployment in the UK for 20+ years that these muppets thought that anything else would happen.
  13. Contractors are the biggest pain in the arrse in any business. They do not acknowledge the companies structures or managerial authority and fiddle tax in such a way that they take home perhaps twice what they should.

    Total are running a business, not a charity and need to manage costs, these guys have clearly priced themselves out of the market and now want to be protected as if they are full time PAYE employees. The mind truly boggles. Contract rates in London have gone down from £500 per day to £250 and less, it's called a recession.
  14. Oh right, so the workers are entirely at fault.
    Nothing at all to do with Total planning on going back to cheap imported Labour after the fuss a few months ago had died down then?
    Total have no interest in resolving the issues, they simply binned 900 workers with the intent of doing as they originally planned and using sheaper labour.
  15. Exactly, it's called running a business and I totally support them in that. Or would you rather see the business go bust and everyone lose out?