900 man TA Mobilisation for Iraq - BBC news ticker

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LostBoss, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. The BBC has a latest news ticker running with a "more soon" tag....

    Still be glad to see the back of four battalions of infantry that we no longer need due to "less to do"

  2. Is this new news or just the announcement of the deployment that we've known about for a while?
  3. I think this is extra.
  4. http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1210551.html

  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/4095545.stm

    Better get in the call-up quickly then, before the minister decides too many are 'unavailable for call-up' (see yesterday's thread) and bins the 'majority' of the 32,000 left who haven't been yet.....

    I didn't know there were that many gates that needed guarding out there?
  6. Nothing new, but it underlines the resentment out there. When ministers introduce an appeals system that normally finds for the employer, or employee, against call-up, they shouldn't be surprised when it's used. To talk about binning the 'majority' (which I find hard to believe) of the 32000 'unwilling' to be called-up beggars belief. It takes more than employer's goodwill these days.

    I won't be drawing Mrs Stabtastic's attention to this 900 more business. Good job I've got another 18 months before another Telic..
  7. Read this just as the postman stuffed an A4 brown envelope through the door.....with official looking postmark and return address on the back.

    Opened it with breath held.....

    Army recruiting package from a course I went on a few weeks back......palpitations abated.....

    I for one, would have gone happily (!) if asked for Telic 1. My employer would have been fully supportive. I just think it is plain wrong to keep the momentum up for roulement purposes when they are now announcing swaything cuts to the full-timers. So do my employers. I find I now have to play down my commitment to the TA.

    And when is TCH going to recognise the fact that if they want to treat us as "Part-Time" regular army but without the benefits that our full time counterparts enjoy, it is a realistic threat that he will have no one left to call upon when our primary role is needed again.....to reinforce the regular army in times when the extra manpower will give them the edge in a decisive battle.....

    I am thoroughly losing heart with the whole thing. Time to request that 1157 printout I think.

  8. *Deep breath before injecting controversy*

    If TCH makes the cuts we expect later this week, then all TA and reservists should appeal against going to the hot place in the event of a brown envelope landing on the doormat.

    How can cutting 2000 regular troops from the establishment and sending 900 reservists out to Iraq be seen as logical, other than from the viewpoint of using cheap labour?
  9. How do they have the nerve to cut the Regular Army at the same time as they are increasing the reserves commitment?!

    Surely this makes a mockery of any argument that we are planning for the future? How about planning for the present!
  10. En masse resignations from the CCRF commitment by the TA that have signed up to it would be a nice message to send.
  11. I think you mean 'Cheap New Labour'.

    Someone in this government needs to grasp the difference between 'reinforce' and 'backfill'
  12. If only - they're anything but! Blunktw@tt taking his tart on jollies to Spain, two Jags for Two Jags, grace-and-favour homes for every second-rate minister, special advisors coming out of their ears (and in the case of the Labour MP who tried to fix a student visa for his researcher, perhaps in another orifice) etc... :evil:
  13. Mobilisation of the reserve is just that - Once you have commited your reserve you have nothing left....

    So we are down to calling out the reserve to suppport operations whilst at the same time considering cutting the regulars.

    If the Army was too big I'd expect to see barracks full of men not doing much with no medals with a reserve unmobilised in living memory picking up their bounty for turning up.

    If the Army were too small I'd expect to see Empty Barracks with all the boys away and those that were here would be comparing gallantry medals and being introduced to their children with a reserve mobilised and telling great war stories.

    Which of the above sounds closer to our current situation?
  14. So lets get this right. In the last week Tonys Happy Circus want to:
    a) Cut the TA by a third to save a reg BN.
    b) Wants to still cut 3 or 4 reg BNs
    c) Wants to mobilise 900 extra TA for gaps in Telic?

    Time for Mrs Stab to get what she's always wanted I think, my kit in a bin bag outside the CQMS. I'd lose my job for another tour.
  15. If it landed on my doorstep I'd tell Hoon, Blair to "Fcuk-o-righty-off-o" More Important things to do.