90 years of the RAF....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fartsac, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. ...and what a bunch of cnuts they chose to go on TV this AM!! 8O
    The BBC weather girl (Carol somone-or-other....nice lady 8) ) was doing her bit for the forces, making a big thing of the Junior Service's anniversary year with the Red Arrow round robin of the UK, and who is she interviewing?
    Two NCOs, no doubt very good blokes, one of whom spent the whole time he was on TV, hunched up with his hands in his pockets mumbling to the camera: "Yeah, usually I take leave over my birthday, but this year I won the chance to go up with the Red Arrows, and well yeah, should be alright."
    What were they thinking?!! :evil:
  2. A few egoaters have something to say on this slob.
  3. I bet they are 'propper proud'
  4. Apparently the 90th Anniversary dinner is something to behold...a Travel Lodge near Stafford has been hired for the evening. After the prawn cocktails, chicken and mushroom pie with chips, peas and carrots and Black Forest Gateau, there will be speeches. Blue Nun, white and red, will be served with dinner.

    During the speeches, those who opted to wear a jacket will be permitted to remove it. Slip-on shoes can be slipped off and Wincarnis Tonic Wine will be served in order for a loyal toast to be drunk.

    Soccer will be played on the big screen television, while the massed bands of the RAF play selections from the classics - Saturday Night Fever and That will be the day.

    It will be a great moment in the history of the RAF...
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wonder how much of it will make it to a 100th anniversary? Maybe by then sense will have prevailed, and all helicopters will be with the Army, and the Short Range Desert Group (aka RAF Regt) will finally have fizzled out and also absorbed into the Army. :D
  6. Silly man - and who will be left to lose all your unit and personal baggage?

    Of course! Just amalgamate with BA :D
  7. Didn't think they'd invited anyone from the Sgt's Mess!
  8. and remember all -

    its unkind to remind the RAF that they were formed on the 1st of April.

  9. Do we really want to see the end of RAF Regt? I know they are a deluded and odd bunch, but they do a job that needs doing and that most of the Army would rather not do! They do currently have 2 of their 6 squadrons permantly deployed.

    Personally I think leave 'em be cuz I certainly don't feel like stagging on airfields and teaching MATTS to the RAF!
  10. I misread the title of the thread I read it as "90 years in the RAF", I thought it was the memoirs of a Flight Sgt. :wink:
  11. After the speeches they will take the opportunity to remember thierclosely guarded habits, well they havent been around long enough to have traditions, like watching the form up parade on the mess VCR.
  12. Basragrad anyone? And where is Michael "Kerry Katona's got nothing on my camera minutes" Jackson? Great-Auntie Des on every outlet today, must be another jet coming home - not via T5 I hope...
  13. And very unkind to remind the Army that, when they were curled into a fetal position, bleeding from their collective ARRSE and whimpering "Make the bad Hun stop, Mummy!" it was the RAF who stepped in and did the heavy lifting for a while... :twisted:
  14. That's when they weren't shooting our boys up as well was it? 8O
  15. Of course, the Army, has a completly clean record on that front doesn't it? Gimp!