90 years of the RAF - BBC2 121208 2100

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. On now , unashamed self-indulgence by the Light Blue element...
  2. Might not be much left for the centenary. Best get a good party in now and show off. :D
  3. Erm.....how so?
  4. The violin backing track is getting on my nerves.

    Shouldn't we all have something better to do this time on a Friday night? :D
  5. I started to watch it at 21:23 and now at 21:45 I've switched to CH5 !

    Dull, dull, dull :sleepy: :yawn:
  6. Not defending them; but it's a BBC production, not an RAF one.

    We're in agreement that some BBC productions commemorating those who have gone (The Fallen) are spot on - and quite rightly so. Why not this one? Listen to some of these old boys and have a little bit of respect, chaps.......
  7. Torygraph on WW2 Bomber Command

    I wish we'd indulge the Bomber Command survivors - and the memory of the 44% that didn't come back - by giving a campaign medal, and a fitting memorial.
  8. This was a bloody awful program. The BBC really cocked this up. 1 and a half hours is enough time to fit everything in, yet they failed to make a single mention of current ops in the stan, didn;t say a thing about the balkans/kosovo, spent way to long on Grapple, hardly spoke about the battle of britain, and neglected to mention anything detailed about aircraft. Dissapointing BBC.

    I will credit them with one thing however, maybe, just maybe, we'll get something sorted for Bomber Command crews w/r/t memorial etc. Campaign medals aren't nessecary, they were all issued the standard ones same as anyone who served.
  9. Wasn't it an educational programme borrowed from schools? oh it wasn't ? sorry, :?
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I fell asleep after 15 minutes of it.Being ex RAF,I'm proud of being RAF as was my late Father.
    But this was BBC dross at it's best.
  11. I watch this all the way through and the only thing I thought about throughout was the loss of all the bomber crews in WW2 who are without a memorial.
  12. The Bomber Command Memorial being mentioned was good. But I don't believe Coastal Command have one either.

    There was some archive film I hadn't seen before which was good, and I'd no idea I once sat in the Bomber that was used on OP. GRAPPLE.

    Not enough Spitfires for my liking either.

    It's once of those programmes that should really have been a multi-parter to get everything in.
  13. It is a disgrace that the loss of 55,000 men has never been officially recognised, although I believe there was recently a fund started for a memorial in London.
  14. I agree completely. When there was ten minutes left to run and they'd only just finished talking about Grapple, I thought there'd be another episode at a later date. Very dissapointing! Not enough about the Gulf Wars and NI for my liking either.
  15. Sanitized Modern Television, BBC State Broadcasting censorship on top form. Production one week. Editing.....two weeks. Value....15 minutes.