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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 05NMANIK, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I'm in training at the moment for selection, second try :oops: my running is coming on nicely, 8.20 mile+half, but at the last selection(four years ago now) i was told i had a weak back so i have been doing some weight training at the gym for a few months now. I've been using a drink called 90+ protein for about two weeks but since doing so I've felt sick tired and sore, my diet is the same as before and i haven't skipped meals. so I'm just thinking is this normal to feel this way, or should i stop using it. Help appreciated thanks.
  2. Hi it sounds like you might be over training or i could be wrong. how many days a week are you spending in the gym and whats your work out plan like?

  3. I'm doing three days at the gym and one at home, doing arms, legs, and back on different days. All starting with a good warm up on the treadmill then best effort run. i'm sure I'm not doing too much, i stay about an hour and a half, then hit the sauna, I've felt this way since starting the drink
  4. Try laying off the drink and see what happens. Personally I never touch protein suppliments; sticking to fresh sources like pilchards etc (need it to repair properly). Make sure you're taking on enough carbs and that youre hydrated. Are you getting enough sleep (aim for 8 hrs + per night)?
  5. Thanks for the replys, I think you may be on to something there. my intake of protein probably out ways my carb intake,wich would explain lack of energy on a session.cheers
  6. as dragstrip said try laying off it and get your protein from tuna and chicken and many other wonderful foods. as i have tried suppliments but reckon getting protein from foods is far more enjoyable and costs less.

    also check www.bodybuilding.com out loads of usefull tips on training and nutrition

  7. Yeah man you need to pile on the carbs too.. big lumps of protein alone wont help.. it actually takes calories to build muscle and if you are burning the protein that you want to make into muscle then the whole process is just futile.

    Also are you sleeping enough.. if you are doing serious weight training you want about 10 hours sleep a night ideally (for me anyway). The old powerlifting saying goes: Train hard, rest harder...

  8. yep, as every one else is saying...Sound like your over training...your taking on to much protien so your body is actualy burning that up instead(including your muscle mass hence tired and sore)

    You say your warm up is a best effort run...your burning your self out before you even start training..50% effort on warm ups 15 min max.

    Just eat a healthy diet and when training use good first class protein such as grilled chicken, lots of Sardines, pilchards and complex carbs, wholemeal breads etc. porridge with Honey/bananas has the good ratio of carbs, sodium for pre work out food. pile on the boiled veg as well.

    For the training your doing you need at least 4 litres of water a day to keep hydrated.

    That Protein stuff is for those who want to gain Mass Muscle ie:weight lifting/body building etc.

    Good luck this time.
  9. I live on chicken and fish, so this is why i think I'm overloading on protein. What would be the best food for carbs (ruling out pasta, i hate the stuff) potato's are good I've been told. I've only got a few servings left so i won't get a new one and concentrate on my carb intake. oh yer, it's not size i want, its strength.
  10. im a mountain bike fitness freak...this is what I eat for training.

    For carbs if you hate pasta...Brown rice, new potatoes, wholemeal bread, jacket potato an baked beans. porridge with bananas and honey, for a pre or post work out are excellent for stored energy.
    Pilchards, sardines. shell fish. Marmite an cream cheese (for a vit B12 boost). mixed nuts.

    If you were loading on fish as well as protein drinks, yes you were taking on too much. Your body can only absorb so much.
  11. Reference protien supliments, can anyone recommend one that doesn't taste like dog vomit?

    I am doing hard training everyday (with a rest day) as I am doing the commando course soon and I can't get enough protien from my food alone to repair my muscles, I neck a tin or two of tuna a day and have a meal with chicken or beef in it and a couple of eggs in the morning but it's not enough as I am starting to get skinny, I am 6 2" and 14 stone, I have no problem tabbing with wieght now but I am worried if I lose anymore weight I will start to have problems, I've seen some real skinny racing snakes turn to lead the moment they put a bergan on their back.

    The problem with protien shakes is they taste so gash I find it easier to motivate myself to do a 12 mile tab at speed than I do to neck the foul tasting shite afterwards, I have tried a variety and they all taste horrible and the powder never seems to disolve into the milk/water properly.
  12. Do you make it with warm milk ,that helps break the lumps up, also would creatine be a better supplement, as i said i don't want size just stamina really.
    s.r medic I'm a bike freak myself. Riding last summer helped knock 2 Min's off my run time, but since i started weight training i haven't bothered with it, and i think i may be suffering because of it.
  13. Then you don't need the protein supplements mate. As said by others, you need to get some quality carbs in you. Porridge for breakfast is a winner, get a decent size bowl of it, with milk, a chopped up banana and some raisins (cook it all together in a pan, don't microwave it). Keeps you going until lunchtime, then decent sized baked potatoe, with a small tin of tuna/piece of chicken/pilchards with some salad, try having a proper meat and two veg dinner (it'll not kill you honest) and for a snack (before 9pm) a bowl of weetabix. Get a decent nights kip. Watch your back and don't overtrain it. you'll end up knacking yourself for good. Try some light deadlifting (straight legs/light weights for the lower back) and some good squats (nothig too heavy) and some pull ups for your upper back. Wide arm pull ups for your upper back/biceps, bench and dips for your chest/triceps.

    If I were you, I'd do a full routine twice a week in the gym. Give your main muscle groups a good workout and plenty of rest in between. Just watch your back, if you do anything to it, it'll set you back months, so be careful.
  14. Your training for endurence and strength. Not Size and strength.
    Keep it simple....If i were you, get back into Cardio biking..take on board what was said. Get the rest as well. Your body needs down time to repair and benefit from resting.

    Its a shame, ive treated a few who failed test week, ripped muscles, weak ankles etc. They come back and say that they over trained all year and just burnt them selves out.

    Full respect for anyone going on selection..just dont over do it.!