90 Patt PLCE

I've just bought a 2nd hand PLCE geen bergan c/w side pouches and yoke, and a set of 90 patt PLCE webbing with extra bits from a mate of mine. £35 the lot. All in near mint condition. Just the ticket for 'walting it' with the ATC!

But, I cant help but notice, that it is of superior quality to the DPM 95 pattern stuff now issued, although the c-hooks and the belt leave something to be desired, like a better belt and c-hooks for example, but they are just fiddly and not as easy to adjust as the newer version

Does anyone still wear this operationally? I seem to recall reading that the Artillery were still wearing it long after the DPM stuff came out? Or did most remaining stocks go to the ACF when the new kit came out? An army surplus dealer said a great deal of it went to the US years ago.
Recruits were using green PLCE at Gib barracks not long ago.

When I first joined in '81, we were issued with '44 pattern before unit posting.
Most units had to do a one for one swap hand in your olive and get back DPM. Unfortunate for the All arms, hand in the OG PLCE Inf bergen and got one of those poop handbags!! great
I'd guess cadets got loads of it and the rest moved to government surplus.
Not sure the quality is any worse with the DPM?

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