90 day plan??

I have been invited for an interview for an operation managers position. Its a step up from engineer at a well known telecoms company. I have been asked to provide a 30/60/90 day plan and what initiatives i would bring to the role. I have never done one before and want to give the best presentation i possibly can. Now, i know what has to be said, but i am really struggling how the format should be for the 30/60/90 day plan should be formatted. I have googled until my eyeballs bled, but tbh most of the information i have found is sales related and not for a newly promoted engineering/communications manager. I would appreciate any help info that can be offered from anyone with any experience of this. Anything at all guys....thanks.


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PM sent.
Now i have come to this so far. Now i think the most important focus areas are thus. I work for BT Openreach and this is virgin territory for me.

30 days safety

Gather information from the last six months who/how/when
Daily weekly weather updated
PPE education

30 days Quality

Collect info on all ELF (early life failures) repeat failures
Skills assessment of engineers
Communication (what is expected in quality)

30 days productivity

Personel development plans
Buddying (higher perfomers with lower powerformers)
Continuation training

60 days safety
Investigate (all safety issues reported)
One to one safety checks (vehicle/personal)
Duty of care escalations

60 days quality
Investigate all quality issues (cant do wont do?)

This is where i am at so far.
Hi, I have been asked to do the same and struggling to find help. Do you still have the presentation?

Did you get the role?

It would be a great help.

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