90/95 Patt Webbing, fitting and wearing.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by barrym, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. I've just been "Volunteered by my ACF Coy Comdr to put together a PPT Pres and lesson plans on webbing, any Idea where i can get the official info from as the ACF Pam still covers 58 Patt.

  2. Have you looked on the ARRSEpedia? I'm sure there's some good stuff there you can use.

  3. The old Infantry Tactical Doctrine Pam 2 (Fieldcraft Pam) used to have assembly of webbing, it was 58 pattern, but the last Pam 2 I saw had 90 pattern.

    I don't know if the latest fieldcraft Pam still has webbing construction in it, or if it is just Battle Lessons and Exercises these days.

    May I make a suggestion though, don't use PPT for this type of lesson, you would be a lot better off getting your hands on a couple of sets of webbing and a couple of troops to assist you, breif/rehearse your troops before hand and you narate the lesson as they assemble their webbing.

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  5. I know practical is best, but the OC wants it doing this way so i Can pass it onto the DC's who then can teach it at their DETs.

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  7. kev do you happen to have a copy of the infantry training pamphlet? as i need to put together a lil aide memoir for a few of my lads and the cadet training manual is gash. if youve got a copy you could email me it would be much appreciated!
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