9 y.o. Amputee Wins Award for H4H Fund Raising

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Lydia Cross, a nine-year-old from north Devon, has won a Rotary Young Citizen Awards for her work for the Help for Heroes charity.

    Lydia, who has lost both her legs, is determined to do what she can to help those who have lost limbs serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  2. Christ! How humbling. Compare this little angel with Tilern DeBique.
  3. How moving that a young girl with problems of her own would do this.

    I suspect that a girl showing so much drive and energy at this age will end up being very successful at something when she grows up.
  4. Edited - inappropriate.
  5. What a remarkable little girl and a humbling story.

    I wonder how much she realises her help for the young lads in HC comes from her just enjoying life to the max, with out including all the money she has raised.

    And it is also likely she gets a lot from the lads in terms of encouragment.

    I wonder if she will grow up with a number of big 'brothers'?
  6. That Girl is the dogs bo"""cks,I take my hat off to her!
  7. Apt and too the point, and a sentiment one can agree with. Not sure if most civvies would appreciate the esteem she is held in by your good self mind :D
  8. Respect is well due to Miss Cross
  9. Seriously humbling. She is an inspiration.
  10. What an absoulte wee angel & superstar. Sincerley hope that she is given an award at the next Sun Milllies award and gets to meet some Pop Star or famous person to formally thank her. Her parents must be so proud & rightly so. Would like to see her been given a Green Lid & Wings. Hope that young Lydia has a rapidly growing collection of Teddy Bears & Choccies from her fan club.

    Here is a link to her Just Giving page. Lets all give her a wee bung & send messages of support.

    Linky >>

  11. I do hope this shames the Government because our injuried soldiers, airmen and sailors have to rely on such a brave young lady to help them get back to a normal life after sacrificing so much for their country.

    Hats off to Miss Cross.

    (edited to removemy facetious signature ;))
  12. Saw her on the news last night, what an amazing girl. Inspiration to us all.
  13. What an inspiring little angel: respect, Lydia! :1:
  14. wonderful little girl an example to all
  15. what a kid, but her Grandfather was a WO in the 17/21st Lancers so she has an impeccable background