9 weeks to improve my fitness!

Hi I’m due to start basic in September.
Since I passed RSC in May I have lost a bit of my fitness. This is due to various reasons including change of job and far too many nights on the urine. I have finally been given a date to start basic in 9 weeks. Since getting my date I have been running regularly and down the gym 4 nights a week. I see my fitness improving but I was shocked how unfit i had got.
What I wanted to know is how much I can improve my fitness in 9 weeks. I don’t want to turn up to basic not fully fit?

You can improve a hell of a lot in 9 weeks!!! keep gradually adding to your work outs and dont let them become speratict.
Well get off the computer and start running around in this lovely weather might be a start :D Id suggest the usual daysac with clothes routine, and some light press-up/pull-ups, failing that go to a gym, id deffo start today and work up over the next 9 weeks. Anyway thats my useless opinion as im stuck at work till ten tonight, so cant think of anything intelligent to help
Dont worry scarletto i have just got back from the gym.

Im now injoying a nice cold pint of water! as im off the beers for a bit joy!
masterbate like a horny monkey on speed and watch the weight fall off and your forearms grow
9 weeks is a lifetime! Plenty of time to improve your fitness. But the secret: Consistency. Don't train well for a week then take a lot of days off because this will be counter productive. You'd be better off doing a little every day than a lot occasionally. However, by what you say you are presently doing, regardless of your physical condition, just being able to train as much as you do means you must be in reasonable shape. Don't worry, you'll be fine.
Ive been running 3 miles a day starting with 5kg on my back and gradually working up to 20kg. Ive lost 1/2 stone in about 3 weeks and can already feel the benefits.....
BurnCK said:
Ive been running 3 miles a day starting with 5kg on my back and gradually working up to 20kg. Ive lost 1/2 stone in about 3 weeks and can already feel the benefits.....
If you are doing this then you will have absolutely no problem. In fact you'll be amongh the fittest. One word of caution: Don't run every day with weight, run without weight too. And running 3 miles with 20kg, that is an acheivement considering how far you've come. 20kg will not allow a proper running style but rather a shuffle. Alternate between running and force marching with such weight. Keep it going.
Now, I am in the same situation, 10 weeks to get prepared for basic.

When you saying 'running' for 3 miles or whatever, now is it really a 'RUN', or what? I had a hard time doing my 1.5 for the RSC (well, hard time, it wasn't easy). Or is it more a gradual jog building up as I go along?

What's a good weekly routine I could start off with to get me in shape for the start of training? Is running up 25 flights or stairs (I live in a tall building) going to get my CV in good nick?

Erm, yeah. I just don't want to be the crappest in basic training.
Hi again Forks! You will recieve plenty of good advice on ARRSE re. getting fit and building up CV etc. I like to keep the principle very simple and adopt common sense. See my initial post on this thread, stick by what I suggest and you'll be OK. Don't worry about running with weight, of course 'tab' with some weight if you are able but if you have never run with weight before don't try it unless you are 100% confident in your bergan fit etc. When you turn up at basic they will not expect recruits to be natural 'tabbers' with weight, it is something they will introduce to you. But turning up fit will be an advantage. Re. running up stairs. Good idea but no need to go mad! Concentrate on slow pace over an increasing distance over undulating ground. It's this that will increase your CV, running up and down stairs won't hurt but is not the secret to success! As I said above, a little often is better than a lot occasionally. Good luck.
When I say 'Run' it more like jogging, but you're about about the 'shuffle' with 20kg, ha. I prefer running with less weight 'cos I can actually move normally.

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