9 weeks till basic possible stress fracture

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sidney, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. afternoon all i have been waiting almost 2 years to get into the army, but 2 weeks ago i woke up after a run and had a sore right shin. from my delving around the net i can only imagine its a stress fracture has any body ever had one if so how long before you was back on your feet again.

    also iam in no pain when just walking or using stairs or even cycling only when running.

    on the other hand am i just being a paranoid twat
  2. Click on the X-Ray button in Arrsepedia - or go the the Doctors maybe?
  3. Stop all phyz and see the doctor. Using the internet for self-diagnosis is for idiots.


    Edited to add: Doesn't matter how long you've waited to start Basic, if you train through injury and worsen it then you'll never join. Get it fixed first.
  4. yeah have stopped phys am going to rest for a few weeks and see if it clears up iff not then obv i will just have to get down the docs
  5. Don't leave it a few weeks, go ASAP.
  6. rang the docs need to wait a 6 days for an appointment. what a joke good job its not chest pain could be dead before you get in.
  7. To put in my strongest terms you are a complete knob end, doing phys in your condition.... please amuse us arrsers with the results of the docs!
  8. after finding a new 8 til 8 walk in clinic yesterday in my town i popped to see a doctor.
    he asked me to hop on one leg at a time 10 times so i did, had no pain afterwards or during. he said it was a waste of time to xray as it would not show up even if i had a stress frature .

    also he said if i did it was not as serious as it sounds, as i can manage every day tasks pain free.

    he has advised me to eat well and rest for 4 weeks then go for a brisk walk to see if i have any pain.( if not then it was just an ache if so go back for further ivestigation)

    he also does not advise self-diagnosis and that you will worry your self stupid for the sake of it.

    flexor i made it clear that i have not done any phs since. read before you post you MONG of a keyboard warrior
  9. Stress fractures are for mongs who want to leave the Army, not for people who want to join. If you had gone to a mil doctor with the same complaint and self diagnosis you would have been in deep shit. Try not to be so stupid again.
  10. Words mong, problem child and remedial spring to mind.... 'oohhhh staff staff, I cant do PT today I have a stress fracture!'
  11. Straight out of my mouth. I have been abusive enough for 1 day. I know of at least 1 guy who tried to cry off P coy with a so called "stress fracture". He was downgraded temporarily and discharged the next year. Thhis gump has not even started yet.
  12. forum cat fights are bent sad *****
  13. Yh I know.... But reporting to ATR Bassingbourn, Sunday April 3rd HHC for basic and it's a small world..... so don't give yourself away too much!
  14. ha ha sad act

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