9 Victoria Crosses reported stolen today

New just coming in that 9 victoria crosses have been stolan in New Zealand

" Nine Victoria Crosses - including Charles Upham's - and two George Crosses are among irreplaceable military medals stolen in a break-in at the Waiouru Army Museum early on Sunday morning.

The Army says the other Victoria Crosses stolen include those given to Keith Elliot, Jack Hinton and Clive Hulme, and an unknown number of other medals.

Defence Minister Phil Goff has described the theft as a crime against the nation.

Mr Goff says New Zealanders will be appalled and disgusted at the greed and self interest of those who have stolen the medals.

He says the items are national treasures, earned by men who served their country with courage and selflessness.

Mr Goff says the medals will be almost impossible to sell within New Zealand, and the Government will work with Interpol to make it as hard as possible to market them internationally.

The Chief of Army, Major General Lou Gardiner, says the museum was broken into just after midnight on Sunday.

He says the value of the medals is what they symbolise, and he is angry at the theft.

"This theft is not just from Defence and Army, it is from the nation. New Zealand's history and heritage is closely interwoven with its military history and heritage.

"These medals were awarded to their recipients for their extraordinary valour and have come to symbolise the huge sacrifices that all New Zealanders made in the many conflicts fought for the freedoms we have come to accept."

Major General Gardner says the theft of the medals is a theft from New Zealand and as such is a serious crime calling for the co-operation of all New Zealanders in their recovery."

He says the NZDF and NZ Army are working closely with police who are leading the investigations. Customs has also been notified and put on a border alert in case there is an attempt to get the medals out of the country.

The NZDF says security staff alerted by an alarm activation found displays had been broken into in the museum's Valour annex.

List of medals
It says the list of medals it fears have been taken are those of Samuel Frickleton VC; Leslie Andrew VC; Randolph Ridling (Albert Medal); Reginald Judson VC, DCM, MM; John Grant VC; Henry Laurent VC; Jack Hinton VC; Clive Hulme VC; Keith Elliot VC; Charles Upham VC and Bar; David Russell GC and Ken Hudson GC.

The Victoria Cross for New Zealand medal recently awarded to Corporal Willie Apiata is not among them.

Police have set up a hotline number and want anyone who was in the Waiouru area, or passing through, between midnight and 2am Sunday and who may have seen anything to contact them on 0800 349 0606".

I hope to god they get the bastards........are ours safe?
Ditto all of the above.

It does make you wonder why, when they are such a treasured item, that they do not simply display replicas, keeping the original valour medals safely locked away?
These have to have been stolen to order, no way can they be sold openly and i bet they're out of the country already.

Some militaria collector with very deep pockets (there's a couple of million quids worth there or more) who's quite happy to have something he'll never be able to tell anyone about.
While I agree that they have been stolen to order I think there is more to this than meets the eye....this theft strikes at the very heart of the New Zealand armed forces.....and its history
Total scum. In this case I'd be happy for the NZ government to set up its own rendition programme to get the fookers involved and hand them over for some Maori style justice..

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