9 supply regt ?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by northern_monkey76, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. hi completely new to this site! can anybobyout there give me some info on 9 supply regt ?

    good or bad ?
  2. Like 6 Sup, but without the LOA lol

    Bristol and west country at your doorstep, with trips to London to the east on bored weekends. As with all units, it's what you make of it.
  3. cheers baggyinbalck thanks for the info! first time back in uk you see been at prb to long with 2.
  4. I'm with 1 now...just glad to be back in BFG again lol.

    If you have Google Earth, have a look at the place 51°31'37.82"N 2° 8'12.06"W
  5. na not got it mate! whats it supposed to be ?
  6. Go to Google, search Google Earth and spend hours addicted to it :)
  7. i think i get your saying mate thanks for the info!
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I had a cracking time with 9 Regt.

    Practically gained Bosnian citizenship, but great all the same.
  9. hi take it you were on tour a lot there then ? so whats the actual camp like ? never been there you see!
  10. Typical old RAF type camp left to rot enough for the Army to take over, but I've been to worse. If you want to get into flying, there is a glider club that operates at most weekends, weather permitting, so get your goggles on biggles :)
  11. Nice airfield to run around!

    Good access to M4 but a fair trek into town.
  12. Took my brand new Impreza around the airfield, fecking ace. The side gate is still open by looks of it as i went past today in fact!!!
  13. Chippenham is a great town, for the pubs, Rose & Crown always been squaddie friendly. Used to have Golddiggers there, cinema converted to a night club, dirty women, dirty club !

    Bath great for nights out if you like Student types.

    Rugby is THE big sport in the area, Chippenham Rugby Club good, Colerne & Corsham equally as sociable.

    Bristol is a good city, they're all mad cider heads ! Cornwall is not too far away for a good weekend, Newquay 3.5 to 4 hours drive.

    Beware of Swindon, stay away boy stay away!!

    If you have wife or chick in tow, really nice country pubs in Biddestone, White horse by the duck pond is a postcard type pub; good for kiddies too, they have a little animal chinchilla house out back.

    White Hart in Ford, one of the oldest pubs in UK, good Sunday lunch.

    Racetrack at Castle Combe has some great events on and Castle Combe is popular touristy type place, they filmed the original Doctor Doolittle there, Renal Fiennes explorer bloke tried to blow up the film set there too. Well worth a day out there.

    Badminton is just down the road too, very nice for you horsy types !

    Basically the people around there are great, get out and meet them.

    I lived there for 7 years, being posted to Colerne JLR RCT/RAOC then 9 Ord Bn at Corsham then moved to Hullavington when 9 Regt RLC started, so I have more info if you need it just pm me. Ta.
  14. I had a good time there a few years back. Only spent a few months there though as my troop was elsewhere before being moved into the Regiment.

    Accomodation is a squeeze though if you singlie and get into one of the worst blocks.

    Chippenham always good for a drink or two of pop, Bath is also good, just don't go bother going when the students are on holiday. Booooring. Plus as mentioned before, if you like Rugby you can go down for a few games there at the Rec.

    Although I am hearing bad reports from the place now though! From what I hear 50% of the Regiment sign off after a few months being there, but thatg shouldn't put you off........................Hmmmm
  15. Generally the place is falling apart after years of neglect due to lack of funds.
    The camp needs 10 mil to upgrade it to bring it up to spec and 3 mil a year to maintain it at its present state, but the CO is lucky if he gets 1.5 mil a year.

    9 Regt is the largest regt in the Army and there isn't enough accommodation for everybody.