9 supply good or bad ?

hi iam completly new to this site and was wondering if any one can pass on some info on 9 supply good or bad as i'm posted there soon.

cheers for the help out there good or bad!
could not tell you, I left their 7 yrs ago , I really enjoyed my time, apparently the place is totally different, different name, Sqn's, and people, buts its what you make of it, just go their and give it a 100% and hope for the best .

goodluck pal
I'm currently at 9 Supply and have been now since Sept 2001. It's not as bad as some people make out but it really depends on what trade you are and what Sqn you are going to. The location is ideal with plenty to do so if you have a family it's quite good.

Work wise it's like any other unit....you only get out what you put in.....at the end of the day you knock off at 5pm and go home so who cares if between the hours of 8 till 5 it's s**t.

Mr Happy

I was there on Ops 10 years ago having come from 7 Regt. I thought 7 Regt were far 'better' at their job but 9 were about 30% slacker for about 200% for fun and I can assure you, I would rather service with 9 again that those 7 tossers (again I am sure it depends on trade tho'). 9 also had at least three lads that have passed selection a year or so after that tour so clearly plenty of time for personal training....

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