9 supply are you aloud dogs in your rooms ????

Discussion in 'RLC' started by humbledumble, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Are you aloud dogs in your room at 9 supply??
  2. Some of the lads here have had some right dogs in their rooms so I can't see why not at that place.
  3. Best to ask your chain of command. I know what I would say to that question.
  4. what would you say lol
  5. I would say no. Most of my lot struggle to look after a bottle of milk, let alone a dog. You have to think of sanitation, noise, exercise, day-care, damage to furniture & fittings, food storage, general hygiene, fleas, worms etc. What about the others living in the block? I wouldnt want a dog jumping on my leg everytime I went to get a shower. If the unit is like any other I've served in, the simglies* probably use the grass area outside the block to do their warm-downs and stretches after exercise; I wouldnt want to do that against a wall or on the grass where a dog had relieved itself.

    *'Simglie': generic single soldier.
  6. 1. its trained etc... 2 he doesnt bark 3 he wouldnt damage funiture 4 he wouldnt jump up etc... he wouldnt cause as much trouble as some of the mugs in the army lol
  7. Yeah. I'd still say no. But that's just me and you'll be glad to know that I do not serve in 9 Sup Regt (nor would I want to).
  8. Did you really laugh out loud? I feel I must question firstly your unnerving trait of laughing at your own jokes, and secondly your sense of humour, or lack thereof.

    PMSL you owe me a new keyboard etc LOL :roll:

    edited to add; Did you join ARRSE just to ask that question?
  9. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ring 9 Sup Regt and ask the friggin question.
  10. lol i see your point! i no its shite
  11. What exactly happens to this dog when you go on exercise, go on ops or a posting comes through for somewhere that doesn't accept dogs?
  12. im sure when on ops exercise my girlfriend can look after herself
  13. my bold, is that what you really think of squaddies?