9 Sigs - Which troop held the record.....

Am I right in assuming that C Troop in 90 held the record for the most vehicle write-off's for one summer.

16 Cars, 2 Speedboats & numerous chicken chasers. :twisted:

Has this record ever been beaten ?? :?

And is Dino's still there ?? (Napa Dreams) does he still cash cheques ?? :D
D troop had the chicken chaser record, scars to prove it.

Apparently Dino is still there (so is Napa dreams or was a couple of years ago). He has another bar further up the road, the Titanic think it was called (ready to be corrected).
So I can claim to be a member of both Ctp 90to92 Dtp 94/95

Relating to the Chicken Chaser Record, I would say that Skid R was the champion at borrowing the said machines from outside nightclubs and depositing them at various locations around the town.

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