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Short timer, left 9 Sigs in 1989. Am returning to Northern Cyprus end of May and would like to take a trip down to the old camp but haven't a clue how to get there. Does it have a postcode as such to make it easy for the enemy to find it easily on their sat navs?

Obviously security will be ever so tight, would anyone know if access to the camp as a visitor might be allowed? I'm going with my daughter and I'd like to show her where Daddy was when he was a little soldier boy.
I don't know how easy it is to cross over these days, but in my time in 9 tourists could only cross in nicossia. You could go to Famagusta but whether you'd be able to get across at Black Knight I wouldn't know.

Actually, this entire post is of no use to you whatsoever....sorry
I went back there for a look around in 2009, but I had touched base with a couple of serving personnel at the time and our party was able to get onto the camp for a look around by kind permission of the CO. It depends what you want to see. You can drive around a significant part of the site around Mercury Barracks without having to enter the camp gates and it is my understanding that the corridor road up from Dhekelia through to the old border crossing is now a public throughfare (I stand to be corrected though).
The old RAF site on the opposite side of the road (down past the MQ's and so-called golf course :) ) is pretty much pulled down now, although the cinema and large storage hangars still stand.
If you are in contact with anyone still serving there it is worth the effort to ask permission for a look see, although the "inner sanctum" will still be off limits!

In respect of getting there, you should be able to find it easily, even on one of those naff Cyprus tourist maps. From Nicosia, just head towards Larnaca then pick up the Ayia Napa road and turn off at the appropriate exit - the road is now dual carriageway and much improved from your time on the Island though! You may even be able to head towards Famagusta and then cross at the old Black Knight, but again, I stand to be corrected.
There's a crossing at Famagusta and one at Pyla, both take you right into the ESBA. What side of Kyrenia (I'm guessing) will you be travelling from?
You can cross at Black Night. As already posted, the area is pretty open apart from the 'inner sanctum'.

The corridor road is fully open and is a decent road (if there are no Cyps' on the road!).

Enjoy, although, I would stay in the north.
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