9 Regt RLC ice sculpture - logo

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jcarver007, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    wondering if anyone can help. I'm doing a ice sculpture for 9 regt RLC and need to know what the inisgnia is.

    if anyone can send a pic or point me in right direction to find an image would be appreciated.

  2. Call me picky, but wouldn't you get a better response if you posted this in the Really Large Corps Forum? unless of course you meant 9 Para Sqn Royal Engineers?
  3. If you did mean 9 Regt RLC their insignia is based on a design of crossed sick chits, sitting on a base of crumpled pie wrappers with comfortable shoe wearing side guards, with their motto "Nil Adminus" emblazoned not only in Latin but in the languages of several other countries so it's members can all read it.

    Apparently the only version of this in existence is in storage at Bicester and is kept under lock and key in case it "gets dirty"
  4. I suppose it's an easy mistake to make 8O

    9 Supply Regt RLC is a black panther.
  5. Here's an image of their Black Panther emblem.

    The RLC are really incorporating a lot of the diversity having so many commonwealth recruits brings. :D

  6. shortfuse, you don't know how close to the truth you are there!
  7. i think he does, we have all worked alongside you lot recently. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  8. Please, please, please do not associate me with them.

    Given my choice we would be the Corps of Ammunition Technicians (CATs).

    The top bod would not be a the director as in other Corps he would be referred to as TopCAT.

    Failing that we could be consumed by the RE.
  9. Hear hear (the bit about the RE). As for TopCat, thats the ringtone for my phone but it doesnt make me a closet AT!
  10. This might be a really off the wall idea but what the heck I'll go ahead and suggest it. How about you ask whoever gave you the commission for an example?
  11. Because we all now that 9 Supply Dont do passage of information!
  12. Im scared....every post about 9 Regt and its not a good word said!!
    And im due to go to H11 with them......hard hat and CBA being packed as i speak!!! :cry:
  13. You can come out on the ground with me if you want CH. The REST will need a pet :twisted:
  14. No dramas, ill bring Mil Eng Vol II Pam 4 Demolitions....just to relieve those boredom moments....not sure i could make it last 6 months though! :wink:
  15. hahaha very good replies even if they were'nt very helpful. well i did end up contacting them (as halomonkey suggested) and they came good with the black panther on the numerals...not some basketball player..hahaha. most of these commisions come without the finer detail.

    anyway they opted for a statue of liberty with the insignia for their 4th of July party....maybe they've taken on some yanks????

    cheers for replies all.

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