9 Regt AAC Morale

So can any of the 9 boys and girls let me know what the problem is up there in sunny yorkshire. Is the big bad Apache scaring you all, or is it that you have all just realised that you might have to deploy as a Regt for the first time since the early nineties. From what I hear you have a massive retention problem, even your young groundies have chuff charts with how many days they have got till they can sign off. It may also have something to do with you all moving down south shortly, can't use your house purchases as a way to stay up there now then can you......
Question for qman...

What truth in the statement - "you lot are all moving South"? Keen to know more about this. A certain US aerospace company may be looking to bid for future AH maintenance, out of a base that another service may be vacating in the near future - near to dishcloth. Say no more! Where are 9AAC going to then? Thanks if you can spill some beans.
So the feasibility study that was carried out down here was a figment of our imagination then
Bloody cold over the northern has site :(
For Qman, I may have been unclear in my post - there is talk of Wallop closing, and when the RAF finish with Leeming, post conversion of Tornado F3s across Typhoon fleet, then Apache Contract Maintenance and associated Hangar 5 stuff would move in.

The MODs main base study is meant to answer this in Apr 05 - just wondered what was heard on the "green grapevine" up there. Nice part of country, beats a US desert and upper 80's degrees heat every day. Depends on key US company getting contract.....

if you can shed any light, Ta!
Groundie said:
Duty rumour is that the northern HAS site is getting flattened. (Saving the pennies again) 8O
Alright, which bean counter thinks that they can save money by flattening HASs? Has anyone stopped to consider why Upper Heyford still has a full complement of them? Demolishing them turned out to be prohibitively expensive because they are...err, hardened aircraft shelters.

I'm not saying that they won't do it but it certainly won't save them money unless they have found a buyer willing to pay in excess of £2m an acre.
Further info just in...
The feasibility study did go ahead as I said. They are thinking of flattening the HASsite and doing a complete rebuild, and even thinking of building a road out of the back end of camp straight to the A14.
So all the people in 9 Regt stand by.

PS. Another source came from the NAAFImanager,and before you laugh...MDN, she was asked if she could accomodate another Regt worth of personnel in the new modified NAAFI. To which she replied in the affirmative.
They are all rabbit hutchs mate, don't bother
Lived on the Close for nearly two years so it would suit my needs as a singlie. They are small, but good enough considering the house prices down the road. I understand the first batch went for 88k. Any info gratefully recieved.

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