9 Regt AAC - Army Cup Winners

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by CAARPS, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Congratulations to the fly boys (even more to bore us with) on winning the Army Cup (1st time for the AAC) :cheers: :cheers:

    It was a bit unfair playing 2 AH in central defence though* :D :D

    I hear only non busy (REMF) units stand a chance of winning army sport now days :wink:

    *I know your Lynx and only have popguns, before the correction bores start
  2. Army cup in what? Being Northern, breeding whippets and beating t'kids?
  3. Football you fool :wink:

    I did say for the first time if it was any of the others they would be world champions over and over again :D
  4. Ah, oik ball.

    You should have said...........

  5. Oh just F*ck of and play your Dungeon & Dragons Geeky Fly boy :p
  6. Beats shoving a tampon up your hoop, playing 'ball tag' with a load of manginas then snogging them every time the sphere goes in a net. Thats if they aren't air ambulanced out for breaking a f'king nail. :roll:
  7. nonces sport......

    Isn't 9 Regts RSM a footballing ponce? :D
  8. He's undergoing gender reassignment so I've heard.
  9. Ah one of my particular favourite sexual techniques

    How so very insightful of you 8O
  10. Curious........ tell me, how do you stitch a cnut onto a cnut? :D

  11. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :rofl:
  13. Training flight, my ARRSE!!

    Full of senior Officers and followed the M1 all the way down...what fcukin' training???
  15. Yes, maybe.

    However, being at a unit where footballers weren't deployed (or brought back for games) I know what goes on.

    Certain Units, with personalities, will stop deployments, not with us though, why did 3 Div not get to defend it?

    Oh, they are on Telic.