9 mths in a working unit and heres you first tape!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jewboy999, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Please tell me if this seems a bit wrong????

    An IS Eng has got there 1st tape after being in the army for 1 1/2 years and 9 mths of that time in their first working unit!!!!

    It seems an outrage to me, please give me your comments as i am interested to see what the rest of the world has to say. :evil:
  2. Yes it does seem a bit wrong. But then rumour has it that they are going to start getting them fresh from the factory. I know of several IS Engr's who (mainly because they re-traded) are still siggies after 3 or 4 years. No-one should be picking up thier first without at least some experience and I would certianly say more than 9 months.
  3. Only took me about the same time to get my tape. What's the problem, I was good at my job, keen didn't brown nose and most of the others in the regiment kept buggering off to do sport. It was the early 70's though.
  4. were you not offered that trade when you joined then?
  5. Yeah I know, we aren't going to change pay 2000 and its something the corps offers as an incentive. If I'd have known about RAF Loadmaster (Sgt) or RSigs Tech (LCpl) when I was 18, I would not now be in the TA. Although I'd probably be in the RAF not RSigs.
  6. Sorry you totally lost me there. I said it was in the early seventies so pay 2000 means nothing to me. There are trades in the different arms of the service where you automatically become an NCO on completion of trade training but that wasn't the case with me.

    I remember a few whinges about me and one or two others who got promoted. Trouble was that the ones doing it were all the pissheads, (well more so than the rest of us) who spent half their time in the guardroom or were unable to get out of their pits in the mornings.

    Anyway get out of the TA and join up if you are only 18. Check the RAF before you join though as if you sign for 6 years or whatever they do, they don't necessarily let you sign on. In basic training we had a lad who was a corporal in the RAF did his 12 and tried to sign on. No chance so he came over to the dark side.
  7. There is no rumour about them coming fresh from the factory. Its been ongoing for a while now.

    The reason so many people got promoted on the IS roster from Sig - LCpl is there are so many places available at all the ranks. The IS roster is so undermanned still, with more and more places being created every week, that a lot of people came of the Sgts board, a lot off the Cpls board, and so obviously there were a lot of spaces onto the LCpls's board. Seeing we don't have many IS Sig's, then it doesn't take a genius to work out that young siggies will come off.
    I am led to believe that all Signaller IS personnel who were above the promotion line actually got promoted, purely because there was so much space available.

    Its not because they are following the Technician line of promotion. Eventually it will slow down once all the spots are filled at higher ranks.
  8. Bit old for that now :twisted:

    RAF (used to?) have a Loadmaster trade that gave you Sgt on finishing training (my TA Coy OC (ex RAF) advised me to follow this route). Was also advised to join sigs and go for YofS.

    I wanted a job in IT, so the choice was Sigs with Sigs pay vrs Civie IT job with Sgts pay (The RAF route made me think I should be on Sgts pay - Can't remember why - long time ago)
  9. I know quite a few of those new LCpls and they're good guys with lots of potential. There's always the case of being in the right place at the right time, but that's balanced with the guys who had the opposite. It is a gamble to promote guys so early, but hopefully they can rise to the challenge and it's also very important that they're steered in the right direction incase they disappear up their own arrses. I also suspect that the odd one or two should be looked at as potential officers. Let's not pre-judge those lads until their performance gets underway.
  10. That’s not true, not nearly enough IS geeks where promoted to Sgt, a shortfall of about 20 meant those of us that where could pick our posts, good for us though :D
  11. To correct the RAF point. Non Commissioned Aircrew (which includes the former Loadmaster trade) are promoted Acting Sgt Unpaid (dependant on former rank, if held) on completion of the 10 weeks NCA Initial Training Course. Recruits new to the Forces undertake 12 weeks basic at RAF Halton, whereas serving types join NCAITC straight away.
  12. Read my wording mate. All those who were eligble for promotion and were above the promotability line DID come off, hence there was a shortfall. So as I said, if your good enough to be promoted, you get promoted at present in the IS roster. It will slow down eventually though.
  13. You'll have to excuse him. He is thick as mince. Makes you wonder what sort of quality those chaps who didn't pick are like.
  14. when do they get paid as Sgts? Always thought it a good idea for recruiting. Also when I was looking, only the RAF Comms branch were targeting me for recruitment, Army always wanted someone with less quals or wanted me to go for a commission - nothing in between
  15. I know two of the guys who come off on their first board (I made a promise to myself not to winge about this so I am going to try and look at it objectivly).
    In my opinion people should not be promoted off the back of one report, they may well have performed well on the one task that they have been given but that does not necessarily mean that they can carry this on from one year to the next.
    I was also under the impression that it took two CR's to come off the board.
    Not very objective I know but it makes me feel better