9 day consolidated phase 1

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Matt007, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. thought id just say while ive got some downtime, if your needing to do phase 1 i really recommend you try and get on one of the consolidated courses, im on day 3 and its loads better than having to do all the weekends. just think its worth mentioning incase people struggle to make the normal weekends.
  2. Apart from the fact that they are few and far between,you have no time to assimilate your newly learnt knowledge, little down time and niggling injuries dont have time to heal.

    On the plus side,little or no skill fade!
  3. FFS get a grip there princess!
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Makes you wonder how full timers cope, doesn't it... :D
  5. just my opinion of them is all
  6. If that's your opinion, you're a fcuking joke!
  7. What the fcuk are you doing on the internet?! 9 days to become a 'Trained Soldier' you should be fcking polishing something!!!!
  8. Chill bro, it's 9 days plus TWO WEEKS FULL TIME!!!
  9. Well you really wont want to hear my opinion of the'challenges' then....
  10. Go on, you bad boy, you know you're gagging to spill!
  11. no its ok, i want bore you with them.
  12. I did it last year and then went on to do the following 5 days for infantry.
    I thought it was pretty good and got it all done and dusted in a 2 week block.

    Are you posting from your mobile?
    I don't remember having that much free time. Still only takes 5 minutes doesn't it.
  13. Actually the failure rate is incredibly low at about 1%. However the dropout rate overall is currently running at about 20% after taking into account recoursing - basically people who are not up to it (especially the loaded march) tend to self select themselves out of the TA - frankly the physical side of Recruit Selection is not demanding enough for the physical side of TSC(A)
    You then get into the whole issue of Weekends v Camps - Camps at Malta Barracks have always had a considerably lower drop out rate than weekends. Last Camp that was run though did have a high voluntary RTU rate within the first few days (if they want to jump they can) plus a few physical injuries later on.
    They key to Camps is you must start with a better fitness level than is required to finish it - over 10-15 days of pretty intense training there is no opportunity to improve and in fact you slowly get worse as fatigue sets in